Any future meetings for E.A. in store?


On page 28 of the new book it illustrates the ritual taking place in Salt Lake City in the basement of the book store.
My question is based on the concept of future meetings that E. A. might personally do and invite others to enter the circle in similar fashion described in the book.

If that is a possibility I certainly would be interested in attending and as the book stated, the demons are interested in everyone taking part, even if only in some subtle , invisible way. This could be fashioned in the design of an annual conclave for many to attend for a weekend trip. Like some of the Dragon Rouge annual meetings where workings are done in Europe.

If so, everyone save your money for a trip…Like a family gathering. It could be like the Ray Bradbury book that I read every halloween season called “From the Dust Returned” All sorts of different “Family” members could meet in person and get to know each other. A real celebration. Heck, even Halloween season would be a great time of year for a trip such as this one.

I have already been accused of having the personally of Uncle Fester of the Addams Family so I certainly know how I would show up…and Zoe…stop laughing.

Anyway, I am serious about the ritual ceremony being conducted again.



MAXX, you vexing rascal, how’d you KNOW?!?! I always gravitate toward a man who can get a genuine laugh outa me AND has a Brain. (Yes, you do; don’t be shy)

Seriously though, I think its a GRAND idea!!! This’ll be a HOT topic by noon, I bet. :wink: Z


I would definitely come to this


Maxx i personally think that would be a fantastic idea i think it would do everyone in this “family” some good to put a face to the name aswell as meet E.A in person


Would love 2, but unfortunatly I have no possibility to come to the states, even when I save the money :frowning:


then the second year we can all go on tour and come to your area and meet and have a gathering. How is that? E.A. probably has as many interested in his material all over the world as there are here in the US.



that sounds like a brilliant plan as i don’t live in the states either but if your going to come to the uk then bring a umbrella because england is well known for crap weather


That would be awesome, Maxx. And ludavico, the UK sounds great! Many powerfull and magickal places there.


I love crap weather…It makes me feel “alive”. One of my favorite beings is from Bardon’s list…the one that is responsible for thunderstorms, rain, howling wind and rain…etc.



should be a great time if/when we finally meet


[quote=“Maxx, post:9, topic:102”]I love crap weather…It makes me feel “alive”. One of my favorite beings is from Bardon’s list…the one that is responsible for thunderstorms, rain, howling wind and rain…etc.


I LOVE thunderstorms, but a dull all-day-long drizzle is not very exciting to me and we have too many of those over here for my personal taste.

On another note: it would be nice to have a feature in the forum profiles where we could fill out our location, so we could see where everybody’s from.


not such a bad idea kyra it would make it easier for people to meet up and exchange knowledge


Ha…you can see from my picture titled…At home in North Dakota…where I live…but I live here alone…lol. With the polar bears and the white wolves.



sounds very peaceful there Maxx


The bookstore burned down the day after the ritual was performed. Opening the gate causes the area to become a spiritual black hole.


Hells Max I’d come but only if Zoe calls me mon Cher :slight_smile: It would be good if alternate meetings could be Europe ( you can dream)


She could call me for dinner and I would show up.

Uncle Fester


I’m not sure if Timothy has already chimed in here, so this may be redundant, BUT:

The “Become A Living God” project will go much further and deeper than what you’re presently seeing. The Mastery Courses will be a big step in the right (or left) direction, but they too are steps towards something greater.

Part of that “something” is indeed Inner Group gatherings, where not only will those who are invited participate in ritual with me, but where veils will be lifted and doors will be opened that otherwise would remain firmly in place. I’ve learned, though, that simply opening the Temple to passerbys and wanderers not only frustrates me, but causes the very powers which I’m attempting to materialize to flee from the Temple. Ergo, such invitations to these gatherings will be extended carefully, to those who have prepared themselves as Living Gods.

You see, the end-all of this project is not simply for me to teach and for you to learn, but for Living Gods to gather, and to ACT on this world as Living Gods.



These are the sessions that will change the entire world and how it functions.



I’m glad in a sense there is a Master plan Eric, a vision of where the enterprise is going…I mean the goals set out by Timothy of a postmodern digital aged Magickal training and learning centre where the limitations are those set by our own will is fantastic and ambitious in itself - and why I am here. However you have articulated a larger vision.

Part of me does wonder if too much cooperation with Chaos exponents or those on the LHP is inimical to the underlying assumption that the universe is neither organised nor patterned. As in whose destiny are we unravelling, which gods are we backing…But perhaps you just mean when we work in like minded groups we are much more powerful and more than the sum of our parts…

Nice to hear you on the boards.