Any fun facts about the hidden traditions of Freemasons?

Looking at a documentary about Freemasons in the UK.
Its so yadi tada everything is so innocent and sweet… But whats really going on on the ground level and further up the levels?


There are multiple levels. I believe it rolls with the changing times as well. Ive tried asking some and basically they always make Freemasonry to be about christianity (fyi I am not against religion, but it does have its own version of assholee who pretend to be all loving and good). But it is my thought that theres more to it than meets the eye.

Cool. I seems like its heavily ingraved i old jewish traditions…like numerology and white magick and stuff?

Freemasons accept all religions into their ranks, depending on The Lodge itself.
Since King Solomon and his fellow Freemasons were all murdered by the Romans, nobody knows what religion they really were.

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Hiya OP! IME the name of the Freemasons hints at their true purpose, all their stuff seems to be centered on the pretense of ‘loosing from the stone’ or being Free-Masons, it’s all about release, though the magic gets problematic when you apply it to releasing things from the past. Seems they’re not good at time! :slight_smile:

I believe that most freemason lodges accept anyone that beliefs in a higher power.
If you can honestly say you believe in god or call it the source or whatever but its greater then you then you can be accepted as a freemason, in Sweden and the rest of the norty countrys, norway, Danmark and Finland you do however need to be a Christian for some reason they have a little different rule in that departement.
Having friends in the order they have told some things.
There is also a book i believe with all the masons rituals and everything.
Ppl are so scepthical against all sorts of orders or privat organisations and that only adds to their mysteri.
The masons believe in bettering oneself both in a spiritual way and in a way of knowledge, so your religion dont matter you can still learn and have value of the orders tradition and work.
As a member you will face different challanges and situations ained to let you grow as a person.
As for being part of the brotherhood it aswell can make you friend with some influencial ppl to whom you will be a brother and favours can ofc happen in buissenis life and such.

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Love the respons :ok_hand: Thank you!