Any Friends of Orobas Out There?

I am looking to communicate with Orobas. I guess I would just like some tips and helpful suggestions from anybody who knows him and has worked with him.

I would also love to hear any success stories so that I may keep my faith strong!

I plan to light a blue candle and burn some cedar incense. I then plan to draw his sigil and chant his enn over and over as a mantra. Is there anything else you would recommend? Any information at all will help me to get to know this spirit. Thank you in advance.

Great Prince Orobas. Save your deity and presence!
Orobas as a great Prince is faithful to the Summoner, does not allow any spirit to tempt him, in addition it protects against the persecution of spirits and also his enemies of his faithful, his great power is excellent in terms of ending slander and gossip against of the summoner, but what pleases me most about his deity is that he is usually quite faithful, providing protection against evil spirits. It is with a lot of respect that I speak it, faithful, supreme protector, commemorated the Great General Haures to whom I serve and testify of his enormous protective power, if he is interested in his friendship, and if he likes it, he will have won a great friend, protector He will never let his integrity be intervened by entities sent or conspired against him.
I follow him closely, plus my intimacy with my great teacher Flereous who walks with him to Hail!