Any Experiences With "The Magick Of The Shem Ha-Mephorash's Angels And Goetia's Demons" Book?

Anyone have review on this book if it works?

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Sounds interesting, is awesome that there is a book which explained how to work with a pendulum and channel demonic forces


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I have used the technique with great results, specifically for contacting spirits. I haven’t used the sigils etc yet but based on my experience so far, I expect the results to be good

I have read only the preview part and can say it doesn’t work. I bought a pendulum and tried calling raziel and the guy just didn’t show up

First you should consecrate and enchant your pendulum, learn to work with it and then

I did consecrate it. How do I learn to work with it?

buy it and tried a few hours perfectly.instructions are very clear.

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I bought it a few months ago and scanned through it but never actually used it. I am going to read through it and report back. Thanks for bumping.

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