Any experiences with the karmic body?

What an intense site that is, it connects to some you tube videos with 2 women removing them wow, why would anybody do this?

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She says that this karmic body binds you to the reincarnation cycle

I can find no proof in their writings that the chakras are a prison, how do these two women know the secrets of the universe when the best occult minds, doctors, scientist, shamans, witches, domonoloters don’t mention this work anywhere?
They’re also demon slamming, which we don’t like very much :slight_smile:

I am real curious if you’ll be able to find one person on this forum who has done this.

Interesting topic though.

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ea did a video about removing chakras.

Have you done it?

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I don’t really believe in the karmic body, to believe in it is to believe in karma. While it does follow the original idea of karma that your actions in your past life affect your current life. I still find it redundant, at least for me. As I don’t believe myself to be bound to the reincarnation cycle as I’ve always chosen to reincarnate, not forced to or anything.

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That question was for you! I would like to hear your response on why you think this is a good idea for you to do.


Nope. I will do once I can astral project.

Astral projection ability is not a prerequisite to this procedure, i’m curious why the wait?

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She says that this reality is in an annunaki supercomputer. The karmic body is what keeps you inside of it and bound to it and reincarnation cycle. She says when she does the removal, the souls thank her for the freedom.

I cannot see energy while in this physical body. It would be easier to do it when I am actually in the body where all the subtle energy comes from and exists.

So if you can’t see any energy in the body and you can’t astral project, what do you see exactly?

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what do you mean?

Am I misunderstanding or EA is saying they bind you to the physical?

right now I am working on kundalini so I can awaken my vision so I can see while here in this dense body.

Well something is pushing you this direction.

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what direction?

But doesn’t kundalini work with the chakras, now you have me totally confused

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No you don’t need chakras opened for kundalini.
I will awaken kundalini first then merge my chakras.