Any entities to cause a miscarriage?

hi. this is something i havent done before. i’m looking for an entity to help cause a miscarriage for somebody else.
(im a woman too so i get it. my reasoning is that this person is horrible and takes from others and from me. it’s my turn to take something big as well)
honestly if this person could go along with the baby it would be perfect. this person not only takes from others but abuses them as well. in my eyes, they deserve it for bringing horrid things into other’s lives. i would also fear for them to create life as they would harm it. i have enough hatred for my spell work to go somewhere. i just would like some assistance from a spirit.


The djinn Danash and Bqar Dhat AlasQam from the Book of Smokeless Fire are both said to do so.

Also Lamashtu, the Mesopotamian demon goddess.

And Abyzou, a female demon from the Near East (also known as Gello in ancient Greece).


I can speak from the point of view of someone who has been subjected to a similar curse, and it didn’t go as they expected. Even before I knew I was pregnant, my ex’s mother commissioned a spell to cause me to have an abortion. It didn’t work, it worked to some extent in the sense that my son was born with a very serious problem, but still, looking at her now, everything worked out in my favor. I have no problem with this kind of curses, I personally wouldn’t do it but because that’s just me, I’ll just give as helpful an opinion as I can. I’m sure it didn’t work for me because a strong enough spirit wasn’t used. I got to see what attacked me and it certainly wasn’t a demon or anything of high rank. This is because in addition to one life, one will, the spirit must attach two, that of the mother and that of the child, not counting ancestors and protectors, all for two. I think the justification for this curse is also really important.

In my case I had no fault, in front of men or gods, and the curse had only half an effect and after time it was seen that everything became a blessing for me and my son and only brought harm to whoever did me bad.

I say this because when I began to find out what had happened to me, I questioned and asked for explanations from everyone, demons, angels and spirits, and I saw in many of them the disapproval of what had been done to me. This is why I advise you, if you can, before doing any work with any entity, ask if they are in tune with doing this and if the work will be done. If my son had died my life would be totally different, it seems very bad that I say it but having a sick son is a continuous torment, death is mourned once, life is constant crying.


Thank you for sharing. Although it’s very obvious you disagree, the input was very helpful. I am very certain on doing this as I believe that those who consistently abuse people deserve something terrible thrown at their way too. She hasn’t taken a human life but many of animals. Might as well drained the life from everyone around her and physically hurting others. I will definitely do lots of divination before I do rituals. I’m sorry something like this happened to you even if I don’t know you. I understand that I’m doing something big that is sure to leave a big impact.

I agree. If somebody kills animals and physically abuses people, they shouldn’t give life. Honestly, she does deserve far worse.

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