Any demon recommendation for mba application please

I am currently trying to work with sprit which will help my mba application. I ALREADY have submitted the application and there is no interview required for accept. Everything is in my application is fine except my previous mark. My mark is pretty low and I do concern that it may hold the back of acceptance. All I can do is wait for the result. I’ve done my tarot reading and it tells me it will not be accepted…

So I want to work with a specific demon to assure and change the result. I have read lots of articles, books, etc. I do have little experience in Occult as well. My sense tells me to work with King Paimon but I am not too sure. Any recommendation?

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I was thinking King Paimon, as well. But I haven’t evoked any of the demons, so I’d be interested to hear what someone with experience would say.