Any demon for legal issues?

haven’t been active for a while but I need help. I need demon or angel or whatever for legal issues coz I am in big trouble. I am facing jail, maybe for 2 years or smtn like that. I know belial can help with this but any other more powerful deities ? I need miracle to happen … :sob:


Lucifer. Lucifuge. Possibly King Paimon. Azazel. Nyaralathotep. Maybe Thoth. Any justice deities.


Maybe throw some spells in with the deities?


In my estimation, Belial is pretty much the very powerful entity you seek, because he has no respect for any law of hierarchy whatsoever.

i put everything I have on him so far in this thread, it;s a good start but do more reading as well:



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Not a demon, quite the opposite actually.

St. Expeditus is the Patron Saint of urgent causes and is frequently utliized for success in court cases.

St. Raymond Nonnatus is the Patron Saint of those who are falsely accused. One badass fact about this saint. When the Moors arrested him sometime between 1237-1238 they used a hot iron to bore holes into his lips and then they used a padlock to keep him from preaching. His religious order ransomed him in 1239 and he later died in 1240 due to complications from his injury.

And also, Mother Mary has a universal patronage, and is useful for any request.

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Is this saint gonna help if I am not falsely accused ?

Mother Mary ? I’ve heard about evoking lot of deities but Mother Mary ? Srsly ?

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I just assumed you were guilty, this IS BALG forum after all, not many saints around here! :laughing:

Ash is probably nicer and less cynical. :smiling_imp:


No, not St. Raymond Nonnatus.

You asked for suggestions, these are some suggestions. :smiley:

There’s a popular prayer in the Catholic Church called the Memorare the first part of which reads:

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection,
implored your help or sought your intercession,
was left unaided.”

And you don’t have to evoke Saints for them to give you attention. In the same way Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and many many other old religions prayed to their Gods without evoking them, you too can just pray to the Saints or Mary. There is a tradition in the Church of saying the same prayer every day for nine days, it’s called a Novena. And Novenas are very often effective in attaining their goal, I speak from experience, as well as second hand stories.

St. Rita of Cascia, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Philomena the Wonderworker, and St. Gregory the Thaumaturge (Wonderworker) are all patron saints of impossible causes, you could also try them as well.


Well thanks for the suggestions :sweat_smile:, I think I will stick to the Belial tho. I’ve been working with Goetia and been Satanist for a while. Praying or evoking saints is I don’t know, weird at least ? Evoking demons and stuff whole time and then bang praying to saints for help. Weeeeeird.


It seems like Catholicism fits in well with the occult!

Belial but Forneus too. Often comes as a nice lady when you need the sympathy and leniency of judges.


Beleil is the only one I know that deals with this.

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Btw I also used Valefor’s help in binding the accuser in my case, I must have posted it somewhere, sorry for the let down but I gotta go. Either way it’s a generic ritual of putting a poppet (paper voodoo doll) inside a bottle, tie it with red cord, and leave a candle burning on the mouth of the bottle (all of that is just theatrics, really, you might as well tie knots on a cord, red or not, as you think of your victim and get the same result).

What is important is having Valefor’s assistance and explaining to him that you need him to sustain the sorcery after you are done, and guard it.

I basically got the accuser to show up at a different address where I was staying, and what do you know, he showed up in the house next door and worked his ass for 3 hours straight, repairing pipes and doing heavy labor, WHICH I RECORDED. Can’t tell the judge I broke his ribs anymore, aye?