Any cool off the wall techniques

I have learnt a lot from this forum, one member had instructions for creating visualisation while fully concious I wonder if anyone has any other off the wall cool techniques they’d like to share that havent been revealed before.

One thing I’m working with (HGA-75, my younger brother here, is even better than I am with it) is "quick-draw sorcery). Basically, it works best with predictions, and the idea is to predict or manifest the outcome of a situation right before it happens. For example, HGA would walk into a grocery store, and this female he is diggin’ works at the TCF Bank inside the store. Before he walks in, he says really quick, “She is going to be here.” He doesn’t have a clue what her schedule is, and she most certainly doesn’t work everyday. But when he does it, she is there.

This has been done to predict/manifest sales, faster commute, and my favorite, sports games. This is where it first started happening, when I began predicting/manifesting turnovers and touchdowns on the fly. I first did it in football, then I started with turnovers in basketball. If you have fun with it, then the accuracy can get way out of control, and the more ambitious you get, the more success you are liable to get.

This can be a prelude to larger works like predicting stock trends or things like that, and doesn’t require ritual at all. If anything, it’s just a whole lot of fun, and helps a lot when training other abilities, at least for my younger brother and I.

Quick-draw feat of sorcery update:

To show that this works, The Chicago Bulls just beat The Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. This might sound like it’s nothing, but I was discussing the game with my brother, and how Chicago had no chance of winning this series, and most likely would get swept. However, I have a pretty good radar for sport-player mess ups, and I was telling him, “I’m feeling like having a good laugh, so The Bulls are taking Game 1.”

Lo and behold, The Bulls, despite being severely injured and beaten up (Derrick Rose has been out, and people got all sorts of busted ankles and severe illness), they beat Miami 93-86. Not only did they win, but I also got my really good laugh, which is still going on right now. It works folks, it works, and even though it doesn’t have a great deal of scope applied to life-advancing desires, it builds momentum for success with occult power.