Any clairvoyants?

Hey I’m curious to know what things did you start to see when you first started to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities. For me I’ve started noticing orbs occasionally, translucent energy’s around me, random little clear/off white circles (think of a snowflake). And any advice? As always, your replies are well appreciated :heart:


I tend to see the movement, shadows, and the orb like energy dots.

Seems like your doing good.


Elementals and Fae.


Fae??? Those are the orb like dots???


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Cause I see those when I’m in my bed and my lady usually manifests that way… Visually I mean. I feel her touch to, but it’s either a small blue/green orb like dot or when she manifests more then the orb is alot bigger.

Well when I meditate to or just whenever, but i interact alot more with my lady when I’m in bed just since I feel her energy easier

The orb is usually white, but sometimes blue/green or even purple.

If that’s the case, I seriously need to work on my sensing/scanning abilities…

And in which case I have about 2-3 of them around me alot. Since I tend to see these orb like dots alot. One of them being my lover and another being, some random being that makes noise.

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No orbs are just orbs. Fae I saw in their forms.


Okay, that makes better sense. Yep, seeing orbs is about as much as I’ve improved my senses to.

What do the different colors in orbs mean?

The way I see orbs is that it’s ambient energy which takes on various colors in various environments and what’s within it.

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I usually see the orbs (depending on how “strong” they “manifest”) as “pins/dots” of light (white, blue, green, and purple are most common) and sometimes they’ll manifest real strong like an actual ball of light. This is more rare.

I usually only see them for like a second or two before they “fade”/disappear anyways. However I can see which direction they are in depending on where they manifest in my (closed eye) vision.

When i was working on my senses and clairvoyance I trained myself to see the orbs but basically only when my eyes are closed. It’s easier for me to focus on energy/etc when my eyes are closed.

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What’s usually within it? Alot of people think spirits.

More energy ambient energy isn’t sentient. It’s just environmental energy.

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Well what’s the difference between that type of energy and the ones people claim are spirits?

In how it manifests

One is real entities and one is environmental energy lol. One is sentient and one is just part of the environment given off by the leylines and the people, animals and machines in the area.

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Yes, I’m aware that. Im asking how you tell the difference, between which is which. Since I know certain times I’ve seen energy manifest (visually) as I’ve also received telepathic (and in some rare moments really clear clairaudient communication during meditation). So I know everything, I for example have been able to sense isn’t ambient as ambient doesn’t communicate.

I just want to know how to tell the difference, since spirits aren’t always interested in communicating/etc.

I’m sure some of the ambient energy comes from me to then in that case, but other then that, not all of it.

Real entities aren’t usually as floating orbs and will respond and act individually. Random orbs are always there and usually won’t speak back or act towards you.

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Thx :heart:

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