Any Christians on this site

Any Christians on this site letting those of some of the lower realms see that Christianity is by no means a force to be contended with?
I personally have worked with some Christian’s with the knowledge of Ancient magicians and can tell you. Christians, especially the spiritual Christians of the lighter and Darker persuasions are not to be reakoned with.
If you work with Angelology, Goetia etc… so do Real Christian’s. It’s all in the N.T


I also know Christian witches, and I laugh at how they try to hide the rot of their souls behind the perfume of angels.
I learned a lot from Orthodox Christianity, in the early posts of my journal you can find many posts about Orthodox Christianity :orthodox_cross:


I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart.


This forum has members from all backgrounds, aggressive preaching is not permitted when someone is simply reaching out to others of the same mindset, I also note no-one derailed the topic about Muslim magicians - please pay Christians, Hindus, etc., the same respect, as they also respect us by not preaching their own religion across the great many black magick threads.

This section is explicitly for people who practice magick within the framework of their personal religion.

Cheers. :+1:


My apologies…I just got a bit too passionate about that…I sometimes say what I see and if it is raw then it is how I see it

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Understandable, but the forum only functions by avoiding clashes to find the One True Way™ if you see what I mean, that way we’d just be another cult, this way leads to cool peer-testing and genuine (not buzzword) diversity. :smiley:


I do see what you mean and I wasn’t having a go at any particular person within those religions just their ideologies and how much carnage they have caused throughout history. I have respect for people who give it back mutually. I know this isn’t a cult, I have just seen a lot of malice aimed towards practitioners of the LHP and as well as other types of magick practices…it just makes my blood boil when I see hypocriscy and corruption. I will try to keep my cool in future. Again my sincerest apologies


So now any contrary opinions get nanny censored and deleted like the one I posted on this thread. Getting dangerously close to aligning with the current trends of political correctness. This forum sure isn’t what it used to be. Fuck Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and any other hitchhiker on the horseback of Abrhamic religions.


The guy is asking if there are any Xians, and doesn’t need a bunch of edgelords saying fuck off. No-one did it on Is there Any Muslim in the forum?, no-one rushes onto any non-theistic satanist thread to say “You’re all a buncha wankers, satan is real and I kissed his hairy knees last night.”

It’s not “I’m a Xian, debate me” either, though if @9timesoutof5 wants to open it up to debate, I can restore your post, since it was indeed on-topic to that kind of thing.

But I took it as a simple enquiry and not invitation to be yelled at. :man_shrugging:


could have left my comment asking Magus of Gamaliel about Thelema though :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :joy:

That would just be a big derailment, PM him. :+1:


i know, i know, i kid :slight_smile:

Another thing @Iam_Incide:

If the first few replies in a topic are dismissive, people just look to act up and create drama. This thread turned into a dogpile really fast and proves that to be true.

You want to do a “Xianity sucks and here are my intelligent reasons why, debate me” topic go right ahead in the LHP Category.


No need to restore my post, but I’d like to hear 9timesoutof5 gives us some examples or evidence of why “spiritual Christians of the lighter and Darker persuasions are not to be reakoned with”. I’m all ears and eyes. Give me examples and evidence of that claim outside of a mere declaration and I’ll try to look at it with an open eye and mind.


THAT is a non-dogpile reply. :+1:

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LOL. The rot of their souls. Hahahaha, yes

Carnage is a masculine and part of the political human nature whether you’re a christian or satanist lmao wtf. There’s much religious tolerance within the other global nationalities. But when it comes to those of the “Western” nationalities, there seems to be an inappropriate null in religious tolerance. Many people are literally hybrid Roman pagan and Christian on the spiritual level. Most of the time one, sometimes the other. Just because you abdvocate one doesn’t disqualify HEALTHY traditional roman paganism.

Christianity can bind and loose entities you work with though. Just sayin lol.

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I was just seeing if any Christian’s were on this website. In the same way a pagan would be open minded to them is the same way I’m looking at esoteric ideas. But this bias that Christian’s have some inherent Esoteric Lack of way is inherently non factual and I’m not looking for debate.
I specifically am interested in swapping of useful spiritual ideas that are functional and beneficial to the exaltation of ones own independent flourishing. Not to see if one can cast a curse on a pagan or the like.


Many of them are highly unintelligent due to someones hostility towards christianity nulling their attempts at studying christianity from a legitimate esoteric and historic source.

If someone wants to go at me it’s their risk.
Personally, I would think it foolish to go at someone with the magick knowledge of a midevil magician who just happens to be a literal christian, but that’s just me. People utilize the divinities from the New testament and don’t shame on Judaism or Allah but blast on christianity like sheep. They seem fearful lol