Any books on Demon or Angels as Archetypes?

Are there any books on the market that show how to work with Demon as Archetypes .

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Not that I’m aware of, but I still have the opinion I posted here on this subject, that any entity you examine will fit probably at least a few archetypes depending on what your focus is.

Most of these entities were written about long before Jung came around, and they tend to be more focused on physical worldly actions and effort than attitudes so there’s no reason they would map one to one, but you could draw lines many to many. That could be good, as it means you get to choose entities you work with better… learn about the Jungian archetypes first and then pick up an encyclopedia of demons with those on mind and pick ones that stand out for the archetype you’re looking for.

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I am familiar with Jungian Archetypes. I didn’t know there was an Encyclopedia of Demons , it sounds like good idea to look for .

thank you

Oh yeah there’s a few… you can just type “encyclopedia demons” at Amazon and there’s 4 that come up but there’s more with different keywords, including “monsters” and “paranormal” and “spirit”.

I have the ones by Michelle Belanger and Judika Illes, they’re also just also fun bedtime reading. :slight_smile:
I also have this one that’s more focused on western occultic entities that’s really good:

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What is the difference between archetypes and spirits? They are both forces that manifests as masks in dreams.

Archetypes are aspects of the collective unconscious.

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Yes but in practice what is the difference? If I invoke a demon Jung would explain it as I saw it with my mind and not my eyes.

Technically, everything is seen with your mind, and not your eyes. Your eyes simply take in light, it is your mind that then interprets and makes sense of what that light is reflecting. There is a belief in the occult, particularly in the chaos magick paradigm, that everything is a manifestation of your mind and that spirits don’t actually exist as independent beings.

To directly answer you question, though, the difference between a spirit and an archetype is that an archetype is a concept or idea that is same across all cultures and spirits are not. Belial, for example, is a Western spirit that isn’t part of say, Chinese mythology, but the idea of a wise wizard or magician, is an archetype, and you can find versions of such a figure in almost every culture known, from a Native American medicine man to a Taoist priest to an ancient Greek oracle.

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Is Belial not just a mask of the spirit that can have other masks in other cultures? For instance some say that Lillith and Kali are different masks of the same spirit. There is something called comparative mythology.

I don’t personally buy into the idea of masks. To me, it always seems to be just a way for the religious among us to turn their favourite imaginary friend into something more than they actually are. Just because two spirits share some similarities or traits, it does not make them the same. That’s like saying every guy named Bob is just an aspect of every other guy named Bob.

Humans are pretty much the same the world over, and face the same problems, so it makes sense that the gods of various cultures would share similarities. Commonalities, however, do not mean every god is exactly the same. Claiming that the ancient Greek Titan Prometheus is a mask of the modern egregore of Lucifer strikes me as just plain silly. It’s an obvious attempt to tie a relatively modern mythology to an older one to give its worship some kind of legitimacy in the same way Gerald Gardner tried to tie his modern religion of Wicca to ancient mother-goddess cults.

Before civilisation there were no gods, demons and angels etc. They are all mythological. Spirits however is said to be have been here since the dawn of time. You don’t think the gods, angels and demons was masks of the spirits?

Well, there’s really no way to prove that but if it were true, then I’d have to ask what were they all doing before humanity evolved enough to call upon them? Surely a wealth deity would need someone to bring wealth to, and an agricultural deity would need someone to plow the fields and plant the grain for them to oversee?

No. My personal opinion is that the organized consciousnesses we refer to as spirits require other consciousnesses, such as ours, in order to exist. Otherwise, they’re just a formless nothingness.

To quote Azazel from The Book of Azazel: “All things are formed from one primordial nothingness, not at some point in the distant past, but in each present moment. Every moment that you consider me, I come into being. Every moment you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself and you will cease to be.
…Can you name a single thing that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into existence. Until that point, there is no you, there is no I.”

Gods are myth and myth is metaphorical. The faces of the spirits is mirrored what lies within our subconsciousness. Myth is the language of the subconsciousness.

Is that another word for what the hindu calls Brahman?

As Darkest Knight said. Archetypes are aspects of the collective unconscious.
Also of your own subconscious.
I don’t know of any books on demons as archetypes specifically. You could rabbit hole your way through Carl Jung’s views and information on archetypes (that is basically the source for regarding demons and gods as archetypes) and try to integrate that in your own views on magick and demons.

An Archetype is an abstraction of specific Set of Attributes and Limitations, a Template in other words. An Spirit has an Identity, a name + attributes + purposes. An Spirit belong to specific Archetype. There are Archetypes of Creation and Archetypes of Destruction and a mixed of them. Angels/Archangels sprung from Archetypes of Creation , Demons from Archetypes of Destruction.

Within your Unconscious/Subconscious you have this Archetypes some of them active some dormant, at the same time these Archetypes exist not only within the Human Collective Subconcious/Unconscious but in other non-human Civilizations (there is a difference though) .

Belial, Lilith, etc are Identities of Specific Spirits that use specific set of Attributes (than belong to Archetypes). Some of them are created o use the Mask of the Egregore, or in more scientific Terms, the Morfogenetic Field that the Collective have created thru Time.

Different Organizations (Occult) create sub-Egregors (There is Hierarchy of Egregores) the more to top the Egregor is located the more in touch with the Raw Force and Pure Archetype is .

So Lucifer, Belial, etc are LEGION and Many things depending of the Human Consciousness who approach those Forces.

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