Any book recommendations on non-bodily energy currents?

I’m not referring to things like chi or ki or chakras. More-so pertaining to currents of energy in different materials, objects, places, and phenomena.


One that comes to mind would be ley lines aka dragon lines. These are Geomantic energy paths through the Earth.

You can also get votices and energetic issues from things like underground streams.

Feng Shui is the Chinese version of qigong for Earth Qi. (The qi in qigong refers only to Human Qi, not so much Earth or Cosmic qi, the other two types.)

3 Likes . You can buy this book, and others like it at amazon. Might be informative. (, What is the rule here on posting legitimate links.? )

Amazon is fine, and yes that’s exactly what I was talking about too :smiley:

This is my book: there’s a focus in this one on affects on health and how to fix that rather than usage for directed magick though.

And here’s this cool video by Freddy Silva about using these energies to create your own temple. “The seven principles for creating scared space.” (if you have a Gaia sub which I do and it’s cheaper than Prime)

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Thanks for the info, people