Any Aussies




Not quite, but i’m in NZ.


Indeed. How’s the occult “scene” where you are? Over here (Wellington) I don’t know anyone who’s into it practically, though i understand there are a few different lodges and fraternities around like B.O.T.A., GD, Rosicrucianism as well as some Pagan/McWiccan groups - neither of which interests me.


I’m an Aussie. I’m from Sydney though. Not many Aussies on this forum aye?


I’m in Melbourne! I have no idea what the scene is around here. I’m sure there’s an OTO and probably a dozen or so new age fluff groups scattered around the city. Maybe this forum is our lodge, especially when EA’s programs start running!


Hey guys, I’m from Melbourne too. Not too sure of the scene down here either. I’d say there would be mainly scattered Wiccan and New Age groups like Brutus said. Good to see some other Aussies on here.


Yes Asuly from Adelaide SA


Brisbane here


From Melbourne myself


Damn, still no one from Sydney? I need to move to Melbourne lol


I remember a while back talking to someone online that told me there was an active branch of the I.O.T in either melbourne or sydney but I can’t remember which one he said it was.


As an extension on this, if anyone is keen to start a dialogue with the intention of eventually maybe meeting in person for group rituals or even just to chat feel free to PM me.


Yeah there are a few Aussies and Kiwies aye. A pitty we don’t live near each other so we can start up a magickal group to learn from one another first hand. Good to meet you all though.


Yet another Melbournian ! lol .


@ Sukujin. I’m new to EA’s stuff too…well the occult in general. I grew up as a born again Christian, but for some weird reason I was always more drawn to what the “devil” and his demons were all about. I was an outcast in that world, they say they’re all about acceptance and forgiveness, but they seem to make it their life’s mission to make you feel bad, guilty and paranoid. So I’ve been reprogramming for a while now.

I have started by honing in my divination and soul travel skills. The evocation stuff I’ll leave until I believe I am strong enough in those two Godlike powers and have a bit of practical magick under my belt.


hi im an Aussie too… i’m near Canberra too but prefer solo working. Great to see so many Aussies on here!! :smiley:


I think we have enough numbers to take over this forum!!


I wouldn’t count on it. 10 Aussies are still a minority :wink: