Any Advice

can someone do a scan or reading because i was in the shower and pazuzu left marks while i was washing my hair… there are marks on my neck, chest , it didnt hurt but they just appeared and im confused. I dont know what he wants. He wont speak to me through anything Ouija, or anything… ANy advice

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Experts of this forum prescribed you to do a banishing ritual before. But seems like you are overlooking them. Very bad practice lady!


Did you banish as you have been told?

yes i did and i think i didnt do it right so i asked my priest to come over to do a banishing

I can tell you right now, no demon or entity touched you in the shower. You probably scratched yourself while showering, and if I were you, I’d be concerned why you’d jump to demons and not looked at the situation logically.

I do not think its pazuzu…

maybe make petition to pazuzu that you are now nice girl and stop namedropping randomly for scratching someone on shower

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I’d write a petition to him asking him if it’s really him and if not to send the one who is doing this away normally once you speak their name they answer