Any advice on that?

I’m moving on with all this magic, and I’m going to call Amaymon to meet him and if he agrees to marry me, but these days I’m getting ready for this, there’s another “demon” that does not leave my I can not stop thinking of him in any way, I can not get him out of my head (please do not tell me to call him, I will not do it), I want to know how can I get him out of my mind? I no work with him (in the past I’ve tried) and I have no relationship with him, I just want him to get out of my mind. Some advice to that?

Amaranth for forgetfulness (the flowers, not the flour). Make a poppet of yourself out of unscented, uncolored soy wax with amaranth in it, with the intention that this will cause you to forget all feelings and stop thinking about this person.
Burying it in the earth - know that by the time the poppet has been eaten by rodents or rotted away so too will this aspect of you that is connected to this daemon have disintegrated. Also works great for exes.

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Sounds like you don’t have to call them. It’s already with you.

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@Mulberry Thanks