Any advice on self empowerment

so lately ive not been able to control myself completely, like inside of myself there are a lot of imbalances, emotions and feelings that are draining me physically and mentally, ive had a lot of thought and I wanted to know of any advice so I may be at one with myself and other life and energy around me, to embrace all I feel and not let it corrupt me, I know its a weird one to ask but I have a feeling some of you might know what I should be doing, much appreciated everyone, sincerely your, Einar.


That’s not a weird thing to ask. You just put it more directly than most people. Spell casting is an awesome trick, but most of what I’ve seen here involves people trying to master their own headspace.

Meditations on void help me out. That’s sort of what Buddhism focuses on. Try to find that dark empty place and learn to be comfortable with it. You won’t disappear by focusing on the Void. The world will still be here with an infinite list of conflicts.


Anybody can cast spells and manifest a number of different things. Power, though comes from mastering yourself. Alot of people don’t want to face themselves and run rather than face what chokes the life out of them. You can run but you can’t hide.

My advice is to disect everything you feel. Get a notebook. Write down exactly what you’re feeling. Now ask yourself why? Where did it come from? Do I need to feel this Now? Many times feelings and thoughts arise from past trauma or expired situations. But we carry them with us. That’s not to downplay any feeling but it’s almost a mirage - it’s not for the now. This ties into shadow work which is painful yet necessary. Good luck :sparkling_heart:


Well I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for a few months now because a girl was messing with my head. To let you know in a nutshell how bad it got, I have reason to think she was making fun of me with someone that hated me when I learned that my granddad had cancer.

That’s a long story that I won’t get into here, but I got these people out of my life for good and I feel 100% better.

You might just have to take care of your environment first for self empowerment. Clean up your living space, and that includes toxic people if you have any

Dzogchen or Adaivaita.

Aghori’s are one example of Adaivaita, sleeps in graveyards, eat excrements, and for some reason still healthy.

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thankyou brother I have recently been doing void meditations ect but there are some things that are happening to me without an understanding of them if you get me? haha, its funny that you mention Buddha as its been an interest for me lately.


thankyou, you put it pretty perfectly haha, ill involve myself in shadow work it sounds pretty relevant haha

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can you call one of them without a sigil?

Uw0t, Dzogchen and Adaivaita are methods of practice, not entities.

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proves how much I know, ill have too look into it haha

Do no-fap, dude you have no idea how it can change you. I had a hellish life (mainly childhood) and was completely fucked up from inside. No-fap fixed me pretty well and now I am pretty high up in the hierarchy. Do it for a few year if possible.

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