Any advice on first meeting with King Paimon?

A couple days before I joined this site I was doing a lot of reading on here, specifically about King Paimon. Not exactly sure why, I just had a feeling. I had a strange dream last night where he spoke to me. My dream was going as my dreams normally do (a bizarre horror movie) when suddenly it was like the sound cut out and suddenly he started speaking to me. He told me he knew what I wanted and if I wished to speak with him further I had to meet with him on Nov 1st. I’ve been looking around here and currently my plan is to buy candles and frankincense, draw his sigil, and offer some of my better drawings and chocolates. I have a dark blue formal dress (which I believe is his color of sorts, correct me if I’m wrong) and am thinking about dressing up as well. I plan to do it in a largish room in my house where we keep all our books. So… a couple questions…
Does Nov 1st mean anything to anyone? Does everything for the evocation sound okay? Is there a specific scent I should use? Any suggestions? Should I dress up (if it works I’ll be in the presence of a king after all…)?
Sorry that’s a lot of questions :joy:. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated (Don’t forget, I’m on a time limit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!)


First of all King Paimon is awesome. When I first invoked him via sigil, I didn’t have any special types of formal clothes.

My main advice is be confident and respectful. He is very wise and seems to like to help sincere individuals. He gave me some very specific advice that changed my life and set me on a path to very specific success so I’m grateful for his help.

Some of the things you mentioned might not be necessary but if they feel good to do, you should go for it.

Also, remember though he is a King, you also have the authority of a king/Queen/goddess/god yourself so just show respect and he will too.

Get ready for something exciting if he’s calling you to contact him. He’s very wise.


Also, forgot to ask but have you done much work evocation in general?

Thanks for your wisdom! And no, I haven’t actually. First timer!

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No problem. We’re all learning new things every day.

I often use the method in a book called Demons of Magick, but sometimes just go sigil and enn with candle or whatever.

I chatted with him briefly and I get the impression that if you use the traditional method of sigil+enn you’ll do fine. Just remember confidence and respectful. And then listen. You’ll hear what he has to say.

Also, if you want to ask any questions, it’s good to have those on a notepad or tablet ahead of time, so you can ask and when you hear the answer you can write it down. Good luck magician. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much!

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Not really, but I haven’t researched it. However, since he told you that day, go on ahead!

Yes, everything sounds great!

Not really, anything is great. King Paimon already senses your respect.

Do wear some good clothes. It’s not a “must”, but it’s something respectful.

Well, it sort of is. But King Paimon is known to have multiple favorite colors.

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Thanks so much!

November 1st in México is the day for the dead who died as children. For they are made an altar, because they visit their family that are still alive.

If you can reach King Paimon, please, send my regards. I have tried but I feel nothing.

Thanks for the info and will do if everything works!

So, about Día de los Muertos, November 1st for dead children and 2nd for all others? Is that correct?

Thats right!!!

¡Muchas gracias!

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Your welcome