Any Advice For Soul Travelers Who Have Tourette's

Why don’t you try to fix your condition with magick.

Entities whom you can open their sigils or evoke.

(google them and read up on multiple accounts)

I have experience with two of them, but I can say I’ve used Raphael to heal conditions because medical bills for a friend got too expensive to go to the hospital. It wasn’t exactly a condition like yours, but I found his energy very helpful and potent. Continued work with this spirit could yield a lot of amazing results

You might want to work with him first.

And when you feel you’ve made progress with that, you can move on.

Certain goals take more effort than others, but this is going to be much easier for you if you try to do something like this.

Also, we occasionally do groups where we do magick for eachother, I don’t know when the next one is happening, but you should contact Redcircle about it.

If you take part in one of our groups, make healing this condition the goal you wish to be helped with, that way you’ll get a boost of healing energy and a head start on cracking away at it.

I know this sounds really strange, but if you do the death of the self ritual prior to this, and focus on this as a goal…You’ll be surprised what you can achieve. It makes leaving a condition like this behind much easier, and gives you help getting to soul travel if you gear it for that. I have found the results from this ritual to be quite profound.

I know this isn’t exactly everyone’s approach, but sometimes physical health can endanger your magickal ascent. I’ve been there, and trust me, that’s something that’s probably best tackled if you work on the health issue first. I can honestly empathize with you a lot, and I think trying to heal your condition might be useful if you want to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

I had a problem with restless legs and I couldn’t lie still on the bed for more than ten minutes. After some medications for another health condition it got worse. I couldn’t sleep because of that, it was just horrible.
I started trying to heal myself and this annoying sensation is almost gone now. Not entirely but it’s better than ever.

For the healing I have worked with Rantka and Hent’yos. My condition is not completely healed yet but I am getting better every day.
There’s also a thread here if you want to take a look about suitable entities for healing.

Besides that, what has helped me with soul travel is the method where you astral project when you wake up during the night.
So instead of trying to fall asleep again you adjust yourself to a comfortable position, close your eyes and slowly count to ten. Then give a mental command to yourself to open your eyes or to roll over. For me the rolling over works best, I command my body to move but I am not moving at all and so I achieve the separation from my physical body.

Here’s the video series
Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, techniques - lesson 1
If you click on the channel it has some lessons on OBEs and in one of these videos is the technique I was talking about.
(I’m sorry that I can’t tell you in which one but youtube doesn’t work for me right now…)

You have to quit trying and simply allow. It’s like recently when I was trying to open my third eye, I realized that when I was “trying” to open my eye I had no success but when I simply allowed it to open I had no problem at all.

You could learn how to lucid dream, then learn to convert that lucid dream into an OBE. This eliminates the problem of physical relaxation and getting stressed about the bathroom or getting back to sleep.

You leave your body every night your just not conscious of it, there are some experts who believe when you dream, your already out. So it wont be about getting out, but altering your attention. There is no one technique for getting out of body that works for everyone, just experiment with one each week until you find one that you feel more comfortable with.

I personally like I have had the best results with their techniques. Like some others here, I just cannot get out while wide awake in the middle of the day.