Anxiety from work

I looked up the search window but nothing seemed to fit.
I only recently began working as a volunteer in an op shop only one & half days a week .whilst its easy work and its been a few years. Ok back up?
Well i was on antidepressants fir a few years but im off all for about 2years now so thi s is new last i joined a gym so im getting used to crowds & social again, its only been since Dec ‘18 that have put myself into evocations. All in all i thought I was cured no more anxiety et al. a…
Well after each day i work i am by the time i get home im exhausted and but its more mental/emotional .sure i kind of expect to deal with having prolonged contact of being around pple all day.
So its the day after work that i loose motivation to do my normal routine anxiety has been coming on and even meditations has nit been as easy. … last night i didn’t bother meditating or make evocation of Azazel as is the 30 day agreement. I don’t feel "bad’ about it but I would like to again be able to settle or leave the house. I am forcing myself out the door out of necessity not anything else.
My usual methods well. Shit its freezing me and I have not been this way for a long while
Any help appreciated. Thank you