Anxiety and manifestation of bad things

I have anxiety issues that are often quite intense. I have episodes of anxiety attacks and have problem sleeping. I do try things like breath work and meditation but I get a strange fear that if I “breath out” stress and anxiety they’ll manifest in the physical world and cause the exact thing that I don’t want to happen. I also feel like I absorb negative energies and so bad things dosent happen and if I stay anxious reality will stay peaceful.

This is preventing me from doing breath work and meditation, and causing frequent episodes of anxiety attacks, lack of deep sleep, headaches and if that wasn’t enough an overactive third eye.

Idk what to do. If anybody has any advice I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading :pray:


you could try to black your chakras, there are multiple topics about it on forum, or you can do it with your own knowledge, blacking chakras makes this kind of thing automatically blocked by your will.

I.E cursing infront of minors, if you get what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you do that?

they are psychic organs, they have “flesh memory”, you can teach them automation, if you understand…

meditate on chakras and teach them to NOT give negative outburst under any circumstances, and only work under your command/attention…


Is this the same as grounding? Like imagining myself as a tree and letting negative energies move onto the ground?

i would say that blacking the chakras is like, negleting negativity, since its not your priority to work or reform its, or use it as substance, right, like you dont wanna play with negativity at all?

so neglet it by will, and teach your chakras to do same, so oyu dont accidentally, spread it, am i correct

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Here’s the issue though, due to my disorder I keep getting anxious about things and it often triggers anxiety attacks totally out of my control. There’s no way for me to ignore it. This is not diagnosable. So far only a breathing technique worked for me where I breath in , hold and breathe out and as I’m breathing out I have to feel that all my anxiety stress and worries are going away with the Breath.

you should find the source, maybe learn some spiritual warfare, this sounds like enemy is causing you to have PTSD attacks, because they know what “mistakes” you have made in past, they stack them up and hit you with subliminal, so you “lose” conciousness…

some form of astral combat… IDK am i supposed to teach this stuff for free, but check my terminology and study, should be like 100 hours of study, them astral combat practices

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It runs in my family. It’s not PTSD it’s more like a panic attack with less severity. We all have things to worry about in life but in my case I tend to keep fearing the worse which causes mild anxiety, this anxiety sometimes build up and cause an anxiety attack. It’s like when some one is waiting for the results of their tests which show if there HIV positive or not, or someone on trial to see whether they receive death penalty or not. That’s exactly how it feels.

Evoke your anxiety as a personal demon, name it, and then bind it.

Read Phil Hine’s essay, The Howling, for ideas:


Wow nice! Thanks man your answers are always helpful, really appreciate it :pray:

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I have this issue too at times. Shadow work helps also Bardon has a technque were you lie down/ sit and let any thought that pops up come to you.dont resist it. With time much of these bad thoughts fade away and are just that thoughts .

I also visualize fire around me burning bad thoughts so they don’t manifest

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