Anubis and Egyptian magic

I have always been fascinated about them and want to practice their magic


Start with thoth’s teachings. By studying it, either amon or horus began guiding me. They will tell you.

They gave me visions to make me aware of their presence


Not really relevant but when I was younger I used to watch a show called ”huset anubis” in swedish, it’s a Belgian-Dutch tv show about teenagers and Anubis.
I remember that it was so interesting to watch and I loved the show because of the mystery around Anubis and all that was going on in the show.

BALG offers a course on Egyptian Black Magick by Bill Duvendack that might be useful. It’s also inexpensive compared to some of the other courses.


What is the difference between Egyptian Black Magick course and Black Magick: The Left Hand Path?
Because I’ve enrolled the second one and I’m just curious.

Well, one covers the basics of Western black magick, and the other is specifically about the Egyptian version.

I should add that Bill Duvendack’s Egyptian black magick course seems to be a lot shorter than EA’s.

Egypt didn’t really have a concept of black magick. It’s more of a modern mix into it as far as I know, they believed in Heka also seen as a cosmic force present in all living beings both humans, animals, and Gods, and they expressed heka through paintings, dance, colours, medicine, etc.

Even what Apophis did was thought to be heka but it was not seen as evil but him being a necessity to the flow of creation to keep it from being stagnant.

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