Anu mesopotamian god? Or other

Have any of you worked with him? I’ve found next to nothing on the forum.
Ive been having a series of dreams not necessarily about him but regarding him.

The first time i didnt pay attention. The 4th time I finally googled the name. I’d never heard it before. I’d like to know a little bit about what he’s like from a more personal level, other than what I’ve read online so far… and maybe an interpretation for the dreams?

The first one, I’m walking behind some woman. The surroundings are pure white. The dream only lasted for a few seconds. I asked her where we were going and she said
“We’re going to see him.” I asked who and she replied “Anu.” The dream ended. It was followed by 2 other dreams the same night in which the name was mentioned, but nothing substantial so I just forgot about it.

Last night I had another dream in which I lived in a fishing village. I was on a lake in a boat… the lake turned black and huge beautiful, golden structures started to rise from it. And women began to grab at me trying to pull me in saying “Come, daughter of Anu.” The more I resisted, others started to shout things like “Come back.” “Join us. You’re one of us.”

And this was what turned me to Google, finally. Too weird to ignore. What didn’t exactly make sense to me is that… he’s supposed to be a sky god so, whats with the water theme?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s also one other you may have miscounted for.


Wow thank you. I may rethink the title.

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