Anti-Valentine's day thread

So for some of you who don’t have anybody to celebrate it, why do you or don’t like Valentine’s celebrate it, was so good about it. Time to talk shit about Valentine’s day, anti-valentine’s memes can be posted.


I thought you had a succubus :thinking:

Oh lmao

I don’t have one

I personally enjoy it. Sadly I’m use to being single. So instead of feeling like “oh I have no one to be with on Valentine’s Day why meeee” I just enjoy it with the peoples I work with and just see it as an excuse to go out and treat my self to something NICE. So far I have bought a nice thing of roses to share with the peoples I work with and today I’m going out in town to enjoy a Friday night of fun! :thinking: My peoples are more then welcomed to join me and they might if they are up to it! But hey nothing like pampering your self and getting that juicy steak from that one place you always wanted to go to! :joy: and I will see if anything catches my eye for them as well. Who said you can’t enjoy Valentines Day with beings of the other world :kissing_heart:


@Zoclora love your altar :heart_eyes:


For me Valentine’s Day is a middle finger for those who are all alone


I try to treat it as a day for self love/self indulgence. I still very much miss and feel separated from my partner who moved out over a year ago. It can be a painful reminder. I haven’t become bitter though, seeing people genuinely in love is a beautiful thing to witness.


dont’ like it cuz people are brainwash that they need others and neglect the most important part of one’s life. That is self love. they can’t give if they can’t love themselves. If they can’t love themselves, they treat themselves like trash and toward others as well cuz they never worked on themselves. It’s also a bad day cuz everyone preaching that you should have a partner otherwise your life is wasted. There are other kinds of love and ambitions in life that make one happy other then a partner. =o)


Thank you :3


I just don’t give a shit about it.