Anti-Cosmic Satanism

What are your thoughts about Anti-Cosmic Satanism

Also, does anyone know how can i join to the Temple of the black light or Misanthropic Luciferian Order? Or at least gain information about them? Didn’t find much material.

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Ok, I just read the overview at a wordpress site and all I can do is laugh.
Get this - as a ‘guideline’ to have a ‘better life’:

" The strong must use terror to make themselves heard over the waling of the inferior majority."

That’s just insecure and lame. People who are actually strong don’t have the fear of powerlessness to even think this way - because they already have what they need or know how to get it and aren’t scared or jealous enough of anyone enough to attack them for what they have. This is the whole problem with the elites and cabal etc, fear of powerlessness makes them tyrants, not strength.

Frankly, they sound like a bunch of posers who haven’t got over being bullied at school.


Lol yeah I agree with you on this. There are things much funnier than that in that WordPress blog and I do not know who the person behind it and how deluded he is but still wanted to know more about that ideology.

Well, going back to the origin story, which gives the reason to be anti-cosmic.
That is also very dualistic from the start and completely human not divine in attitude. Ignoring the over-emotional insults arbitrarily spewed throughout, you have:

  1. Chaos made two gods
  2. The 2 gods made some more gods - accidentally via dreams - these are the ‘cosmic gods’
  3. The 2 then tried to destroy the new ‘cosmic’ gods - no reason, they just didn’t like them
  4. The new gods defended themselves
  5. The 2 made even more gods to help fight the 1st brood - these are the ‘anti-cosmic gods’
  6. … more random fighting and spawning ensues ad infinitum

The story of the titans and gods of Olympus isn’t too dissimilar.

So it’s all an enormous excuse to be warlike. And then they whine about ‘morals’ making people weak, as if they understood what those even are (it’s pretty clear they skipped psych class).

Well, if they want to be warlike and fight, why not, what else is this planet for but playing with dualism? But then they should stand up for that and own it. Instead they’re being weak by shifting blame and putting the excuse on random gods. No, stand up and be counted for what you believe in and do it or get off the pot.