Anthology of sorcery

got yours ordered yet?

indeed, waiting for my leather edition.

Ordered and looking forward to reading it.

I was a little sceptical when E.A. said the leather edition would sell out near instantly, sounded a little heavy on the marketing to me… the book is already up on ebay for 399,- with abysmal shipping to boot :wink:

I reserved my copy and then ordered it beginning at 12:06 am, probably 6 minutes after it was released lol. It was weird, I originally had no intention of getting it at all. But then I checked my email at 12, saw the email about being able to get it a day early, and something inside me just clicked away until it was ordered. Literally felt like a part of me did not have control over my actions, the same part who made me order the universal circle the minute I had enough money for it (although that felt more like a dark and burning obsession). I had just barely enough to buy it in my bank account (110$ while the entire order came out to around 108$) and was saving that for something else. Perhaps there’s something important for me to find within this book. Fingers crossed that whatever I am being guided to will provide a good outcome.

I may grab it. I was more interested in Smokeless Fire that just came out as well.

Yup still waiting for my cloth edition to arrive, the leather one came today.

Got the leather edition yesterday (#2/100). Read the first 2 essays & loving it so far!

I ordered the cloth any
one know if there a way to track it?

Haha just opened my cloth addition. super stoked. maybe I need to call in sick today already lost in its black pages :smiley:

I received my cloth version today! I love it…the texture is fkn awesome…definitely different…can’t wait to read all of it…

Just received my cloth version over the weekend and ITS AMAZE-BALLS!!! The feel of the cloth cover is surreal!! I hope to make good use of my time at work today by reading the first few essays,…I mean…finish those marketing reports that are due today…! LOL

Received mine (cloth ed) last week. When I first placed my hands upon it, I could feel the sinister and wonderful vibes. I’m enjoying the hell out of it!

How long did it take you guys to receive it?
I ordered it 2 days after the release and I’m still waiting.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:14, topic:3345”]How long did it take you guys to receive it?
I ordered it 2 days after the release and I’m still waiting.[/quote]

I am also still waiting, because of the danish Customs Clearance process apparently being incredibly slow this time… Took them 5 days to clear the item… You can check where the book is with the tracking number. :slight_smile:

I received my cloth edition a few days ago almost 1/2 done this book is priceless with the knowledge in it if you can understand it. A few times awhile reading it after the essay I blanked out and it looked like I could see symbols in the pages. Quite odd since this hasn’t happened to me before when reading a book. Was almost as if the words were moving up off the paper and you could see other writing on the pages. Over all I’m very satisfied with this book and looking forward to purchasing the next one and this times its gonna be leather >.>

Every time I go to track the books it says there is no info on it yet.

the delivery time is up to 3 weeks

the delivery time is up to 3 weeks[/quote]

Also depends on where you are located in the world. Customs is a bitch sometimes.