Anthology Of Sorcery - Earth's Premier Supergroup

No details yet.

… Only the promise that we’ll feature your work among possibly the mightiest line up of occult writers to ever exist.

Are you an author, poet, painter, graphic designer?

Contribute a sample of your work to [email protected] right now for consideration of inclusion.

  • Authors: 10 page article
  • Poet: 1000 words or less
  • Painter/designer: 3 graphics of your work

Know someone who deserves inclusion? Tell them to submit.

Absolute final deadline is Halloween!!!


Is this going to be our magazine/quarterly review?




Gawddamn!!! When you and E.A. said that this thing is going full-steam ahead…you weren’t kidding!

I hope this is an annual thing you guys can start doing Timothy. I have a couple projects in the making but neither are anywhere near ready.


I have verbal commitments from a truly respectful lineup of authors - but we’ll see who actually delivers.

If this goes well, perhaps we’ll do it annually. I’m not guaranteeing that though, because I don’t like forcing art into a rigid time table.

That being said, definitely send me your writing when you’re ready!

[email protected]