Anthology of Sorcery All in One

I need reviews for this book. I looked on Amazon. I found two reviews. One gave it 4 stars. The other gives it 2 but doesn’t make sense. Can someone give reviews for it.

I feel like @charles9 may have read them.

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Nope, i’ve not read or own any of them sorry, i just get most of my information from the same sources as the authors do.

I’ve have not read the All in One, but I have read Books One and Three.

The first anthology is pretty much theory, the history of various traditions, and some personal stories from the authors. I found it a bit dry; some of the articles are tough to slog through, but some are okay. Most of the articles are non practical, meaning they do not contain any meditations, spells, or rituals. Some are also reprinted from other sources I had previously read, such as Lon Milo Duquette’s, Jason Miller’s, and Charles Cosimano’s, so for me they weren’t anything new or exciting. There are a couple articles in the last part of the book that do break down some rituals and provide a few exercises though.

Book Two is subtitled Revelations, and from my understanding, it contains various gnosis the authors have received from spirits. I have not read it so cannot give an opinion on it.

Book Three is the book of spells and rituals. It is the most practical of them all. There is some really great stuff in this one.

In my opinion, for the All in One, it just depends on what you are looking for. If all you want is practical sorcery, then you will be disappointed because only one book out of the three contains that. If you like reading about magical theory and the history behind LHP traditions, then you would probably do well with the All in One.

My guess is the person who gave the 2 star review was expecting more practical sorcery than what it contains, and the person who gave the 4 stars liked reading about the more academic history and theory alongside the more practical rituals and spells.

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Ive got the 3 in 1 that came in the the collection edition when the 3 was published before this new reprints.
The description provided by @DarkestKnight is on point with my observation from the book.
I really enjoy all 3 of them so i would rate the book 4-5 of 5 possible.
Yes the 3 one is the most practical but there is gems in the others aswell, so it depends on what you want, i would say If you got the money then get it.


Uncle chuckies contributions in 1 & 3 are excellent.

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And how are the spells and meditations.
How easy are they to follow to follow? (Is the time of ritual mentioned?)
How much material do they take? (How expensive are the materials?)
How long do they take? (30 minutes? Hour?)
How powerful are they?

There are way too many spells and rituals in the book to give you those kinds of details for all of them.

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Very true. The table of contents should be able to be viewed on Amazon as well.

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