Anthology of Sorcery 3 Grimoires in 1

I recently got the ebook Anthology of Sorcery 3 in 1 and I am super excited. I am new to all this magick stuff so was wondering how is it for newbies and what’s your view on it?

Probably should have asked this question before i bought the book but whatevs lol.

The Anthology of Sorcery is a bit hit and miss, in my opinion. The first book is heavy on theory and has a lot of pontificating. Found some of the essays alright, but others try too hard to sound intellectual. Book 2 is titled “Revelations” and is about, well, revelations from spirits. Book Three is the one with the actual rituals and spells.


A book on revelations. I want to learn what I can about succubi/incubi revelations.

Apparently there is something like ten classes or levels that are difficult to advance in, and there’s a school that lasts 400 years. This is what a blogger felt their succubus told them.