Anthology of Gnosis


Free PDF from Kurtis Joseph. Given that he gave an explicit request to share it around I doubt this will cause any problems @Lady_Eva.



Yup, all good, appreciate the screenie. :thumbsup:


Thank you - THAT was EXACTLY what I needed to read right NOW regarding Duke Dantalion. EXACTLY. Chapter 2 had a really strong message for me, I need to reread this.

Thank you again.


Hah, just stumbled on this last night. Good find. :thumbsup:


I’m enjoying @KurtisJoseph’s article on Jesus and his connection to Qayin and Lucifer. Really good stuff. If that’s the material in his next book, I’ll be buying it ASAP.


It is an upcoming grimoire yes. It will shatter world views.


@KurtisJoseph, thank you. Our slight replies on your FB posts have been really interesting for me.