Anthology 3 - experiences and reviews please?

I’m looking to buy.!!!
I would like to know the experiences and results of who did the rituals of the Antology 3???

I have documented results on youtube from 3 of these rituals. Also if you search rite of deification on this forum I documented that as well as the person who shared that experience with me. Anthology 3 is one of my all-time favorites.


I came to read your report of the Rite… Is that YouTube channel???

Yes, the link I provided is my channel. I documented results from Asbjorn Torvol’s rite, JD Temple’s rite, and JS Garrett’s rite. I also documented results from EA’s mastering evocation video course. If you don’t want to sit through my ramblings, then the short version is that I’ve gotten great results from all these rituals, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to try the others. I haven’t had the right victim come along for the “Ugly Stick” spell from Anthology 3, but some poor soul will come along and invoke my wrath at some point :slight_smile: