Hey guys. I’m trying to find evocation setup for Ant’harratu with no luck. I’m talking things I would need or would be preferred I have.


will and black candles
a heart fuilled with darkness and passion


What about his enn? Any banishing rituals I should do first?


always do a banishing/cleansing ritual before
i channeled his song the demonic songs are a chant in demonic tongue in a rythmic manner
here it is

itz za zakerur ant’harratu on mak la


He is the right hand of Azazel.

All you need is his seal, found in the Book of Azazel, and the “Alash tad al’ash tal ashtu” incantation.


what is his sigil?




Thank you!


He actually gave me a great way of summoning him.

Draw out plate sized universal circle.
Best done with cardboard, metal is better or even paper.

Once you’ve got the small version of the universal circle created.

Add a small amount of blood on each character, gaze into the characters like opening a sigil whilst chanting ‘Alash tad al’ash Tal ashtu’.

The blood will activate the ancient demonic script, with the incantation it will invoke grand power and authority over the power of the circle.

Once done this can be used to evoke many demons in BOA and most demons that aren’t in that grimoire.

Place two black candles on either side, light some incense, one single red candle.

Place the sigil of Ant’harratu in the centre.

Open his sigil in the centre of the circle of pacts.

Then use this incantation.

" I call forth Ant’harratu
Come hear my voice
Left hand man of Azazel
Hear my voice, see my signs
And do not forsake me
Ant’harratu come,
Rise and descend upon this place
He who taught sorcery into
The priests, pheros and masters
In Babylon, Egypt and Olmec
The dark one, come
I summon you forth
By the words of Azazel
Itz rel itz rel Azazel
Manifest before me
Manifest in the circle of pacts
He who is ablazed with its sign
I give you this call to come
Ant’harratu come,
Appear before me in a beholdable form
And speak to me in a discernable voice
Ant’harratu rise ".

The circle will ablaze with his coming his form normally will be a dark mist, rising from the circle roaming around the temple.

Before eventually appearing back into the minature circle, condensing his form.


Thank you tested with azazel it’s very good


This is the type of information I needed. Thank you.


You’re welcome


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according to the book, also to draw or have the circle of demonic pacts, plus a black candle, and face the right direction - at least that’s what I’ve just read


You don’t have too.

Remember there is more than one way of doing things, we can summon spirits in thousands of different ways with the same result.


What I now remember, out of the top of my head is:
1 black candle in each direction (or something like that)
Burning coals (forgot how many)
Incense on the burning coals (just like EA has shown in the last Azazel’s video about fire)
The incantation of pacts

I seriously can’t wait to try this, I’m very excited about connecting to Azazel’s demon lords. I really hope I can have a place and time alone for doing it soon.

I don’t have a plan for Ant’harratu yet 'cause I think I should fix some things in my life with others first, but I know that sooner or later I will contact Ant’harratu too!