So i got a pdf of e.a’s book the book of azazel and evoked this demon in the title using the methods described in the book and within about 30 minutes i felt this incredible urge to participate in some way for the task to happen as if it overwhelmed my whole body i saw in my inner vision my task being completed and the satisfaction of it. It was powerful almost to the point of full possesion as if i wasnt in control of my own body. Would this be a good sign from this demon. I read in the book that i would be anxious if things didnt go the way i asked but the end result would be more satisfying then i could ever thought. Ive never encountered this type of power or feeling in my own body its all brand new to me. Demons energy is not new it is familiar. But does the urge for the task to be done a good sign?


I would think so, depending on the task just focus on laying what ground work you can do here and let the demon do its job lol

A simple example of this if you did a ritual to get a new job, focus on the job hunt after and let go of thw ritual the result will happen.