Has anyone worked with this spirit?

@Empress_Arianna? @C.Kendall?

Antharratu is one of the most powerful of Azazel’s Legions



This spirit gets brought up frequently. I’d use the search function.

Edit - got interrupted. Use the search function to not only filter out useful info, but additional people

I am doing an 10 spirit evocation. It is going to be legendary.

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Well, not because of the number. Are you going to journal it so we can read about it? :grin:

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Awesome!!! :wink:

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Of course! I am preparing all day today for it and tomorrow after work I will do it.

Does anybody at all have any advice as this is the first time evoking more than one spirit.

I swear to god king Paimon and Lucifer are making me do this and are both working in my life as I am doing a 30 day path working with king Paimon and before me and king Paimon started working together king Paimon would always come with emperor Lucifer when me and him were working together than Lucifer told me king Paimon wanted to work with me.


I am drawing up all the sigils and my god the power in my room right now. Feel light headed.


Lord Yeesch (protection from imposters. Being a guard until the ritual is over to stop any imposter spirits)











Antharratu, the left hand of Azazel.
Chief amongst many, he who wields the orb.
Teacher of arcane secrets that the Pharaohs,
Ancient Priests & sorcerers were taught.
Yes I’ve worked with the nether dark priest,
A very interesting fellow …


Also ant’harratu is capable of all things black magic and self godhood, he can show you how utilise the force of darkness for ascend.
Ant’harratu is also the priest of the black flame that is the self divine force of the damned. As a priest he can sacrifice things into that dark divine flame that houses the dragon. And he can teach you the same, cutting yourself to two pieces and giving everything to the god self
To fully transmute yourself.


This is great! Can’t wait to summon him and all of the other spirits. I wish I could do it now but I need to prepare for atleast a week.

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I have just recently. He is very powerful. Ea claims he is Azazels most powerful nether lord. I can’t personally vouge for that because I haven’t worked with all of them but he is in my top ten most powerful entities that I’ve worked with, and thats with limited work with him as I just started my work with him but I could easily see him making top 5, maybe more who knows. He’ll kick your ass and make you get to work. Very much like Belial in that he doesn’t take bullshit excuses and has no problem calling you out lol.

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I wouldn’t expect a response from the OP, since this thread is about a year old and they’re suspended.