Hi all, I resort to the help of experts in divination to help me solve a question that I have. I asked a question to the oracle of napoleon on a pact with a demon that I have and if this will be fruitful … the answer was in a negative sense, and then to remove any doubt realized the same question to iching (online) and his response was positive, this makes me wonder it should be?I made the same question to the oracle in the past and the responses were always positive.

As an expert in I Ching, tell me what hexagram you cast and where the changing lines were? And I’m not familiar enough with the Book of Fate to be of much help.

^ Same here - PM me the BoF reading if you want, and the I Ching to compare, and I’ll see if I can shed some light on it.

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The Book Of Fate answer you sent me was positive? I PM’d you my comment.

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