Answers to a question about why I don't use the term soul

From this thread, and I didn’t want to take it too far off topic.

So I said:

I don’t believe in such a thing as a human soul, at all - humans are just entities incarnate, imo. What’s different is the access to resources, skills and wisdom across the species.

And @Mind_Seeker20 asked:

To address these separately:

  1. So you don’t think the human soul exists?
    a) I don’t use the term “soul” - I think it’s too vague and means too many different things to different religions to be a useful label. I don’t think I really know what that means, so I can’t believe in it, and I cant really use that word. I have used it on occasion, if its was already established in the context of the conversation to be what I think of as spirit, then I can get that - I sometimes just try to stick to the language already used for the same of an easier conversation.
    b) Since I think a human is an aggregate of animal plus spirit, it’s impossible to have a “human” “soul”, because a human is not a type of spirit.

  2. That all humans are just different types of entities incarnated here?
    Erm, I wouldn’t say “just”, but mostly, yes. I’m not sure where I stand on complexities like ‘meatsacks’, I kind of want to meet one to see how my system interacts with them, but I never saw one yet.

  3. Or species since you used that word
    In his context, I meant the human species. Each human’s ability to feel it’s spirit, use spiritual skills and build spirit while human varies from person to person.

  4. and then give some examples of what you mean by entities?
    At a minimum, a pattern of energy that maintains itself as a distinct, recognisable pattern. Commonly but not restricted to patterns occultists can share names and verified gnosis on.

  5. Kinda like the human body is more of an vehicle or even interface for entities to use in order to experience earth/etc?
    Yes. Only if you replace “entities” with “us”, and that’s more like what’s in my mind :slight_smile: