Answering My Own Questions Part 4: Is Fiction Real?

Are fictional universes capable of being real? Are fictional gods or entities capable of existing beyond being egregores? What is the difference between fiction and reality?

Is fiction real?

I will answer these questions by channeling Lexmanah from Conner’s thread.

Me: What does it all lead to? The meaning behind the idea of fictional and real?

" There is a meaning behind all things, which these concepts participate in, but to understand the whole, I will say this unadulterated.

There is no absolute distinction between real and fictional because there is no concept that was inherently off limits except to limit suffering. All of these so called fictional universes are capable of being real because there’s no inherent set of norms reality has to live up to.

So, in truth, you can work with fictional gods or entities as if they were real, and there is no inherent body of knowledge that is defined as real within the omniverse or beyond.

All things are possible, and you must let go of the idea that reality merely was. It means nothing.

In truth, to truly work with fiction in the context of everything, see the limits and mythologies of reality revolve around one fundamental source.

That source is existence. Allow it to spin the web of everything. See the construction behind fictional and real, all possible worlds and all possible concepts.

See this as revealing a fundamental truth, that of the meaning within you. See the essence of your dreams, and you will understand what it must mean.

Ask me more questions."

Me: Where does it lead to? Explain what these things mean.

" The notion that truly “was” was the idea of the inner peace you feel when you let go of life. Transcending life and all it could be means that you access the core within you that never fades. Ultimately, it’s this. life and all of these possible meanings are but aspects of your own meaning within you, that from which you already know what things must be."

Me: Explain more about fictional gods and magick and all of that.


" Magick is a certain perspective. To incorporate fiction and its implications is to understand the aesthetic of fiction and reality, to let it change how you view the whole. Ultimately it was this. Let go of the distinction between fiction and reality, and everything will open up. Let that space within you fill with the content of what all things become. It will be clear."

Me: I understand, thank you Lexmanah.

If you don’t understand something, ask me questions. That’s all.


Sounds like the never-ending story is true. The book is awesome.