Anoying Spirits

So I practice a minimum of 15 minutes of meditation every morning. And it seems a pretty good way to start the day.

However today I ran into the same sort of problem I faced when I first started to really get into my meditation practice. Spirits who do everything they can to disturb me & get me to stop meditating & then berate me for stopping. When I ask them why they do this, I can never get a straight or honest answer out of them. Yet, they insist on constantly distracting me.

They’ll mess with my energy field, try to tamper with my chakras, touch me, yell at me, all sorts of tactics … to distract me and break me from my practice. Yet, when I allow them I receive nothing but criticism.

In a nut shell they behave like a lit of people online who spend their time trolling & doing everything they can to wreck havoc in people’s lives. And then have the audacity to demand an offering of some sort, or my respect. They receive neither & will not. Just because I can hear & see them doesn’t mean they’re important & they seem to notice this attitude towards them & it drives them nuts.

What should I do… How should I handle this?


When was the last time you did a good banishing or physical cleanup?


These “spirits” may just be people exaggerating their power, if it is a spirit then they probably just want to test you. Either way, don’t doubt yourself, Believe you are stronger and Will yourself to be be so, it’s your mind, not theirs.


They might be trying to teach you how to meditate effectively. If you try to block them out it’s going to deter your focus. When we meditate we have to let our thoughts flow without acknowledging them or getting frustrated. These spirits might be trying to teach you that skill.

When they start just don’t pay them any emotional attention. When your thoughts focus on them just breathe and bring your focus back to what you are meditating on. They are background noise. It’s ok to know that they are there, just don’t fight them. Let everything flow.

It’s a hard mark to hit, directing the flow while simultaneously giving in to it, but you can hit it.

Best of luck :rose:


If they’re not welcome you should tell them.

I don’t really do banishing so there’s spirits floating around my place all the time. Sometimes poltergeist activity happens, but since I literally enjoy it and laugh it’ll only last for like 24 hours.

About a week ago I was sleeping and very drunk, my ex gf sensed something in front of her and it flashed then swiped her hair, after it laughed at her when she was trying to wake me up

But I’m pretty sure I’ve evoked that one so it’s a bit different


It sounds like a confusion hex. Before meditating call upon your patron deity and perform a mind shielding ritual to block out the spirits that have been sent against you. If it continues stop, perform the shielding ritual and begin again.

I have pissed of some rather vindictive witches in the past. It wouldn’t be the first time they hexed me. The first time ruined my life & drove me mad. Could you message how to do that?

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No problem, I will PM you after the weekend on Monday.

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I compromised: I told them that they’re adversarial attitudes were not welcome & if they insisted on keeping it up, they could leave, & were not welcomed here.


I don’t think they’re trying to help. Allowing me to just meditate on my own would be far more effective than harassing me & trying to illicit a rise out of me.

If it’s people then how did they find me or come to me, I wonder. If they’re spirits testing me, what gives them the right, who are they to test me? Either way it’s aggravating. And, one said, “what if I was the Buddha?”. My response was, “a Buddha wouldn’t behave so unseemly, and if that’s how a Buddha would behave then I don’t need them either”.

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One sometimes hears that, when a person is on a path of greater growth or awakening, they experience an opposing force - be it subconscious habits, protecting the status quo or externals. I have experienced this, myself. I’ve had, amongst my many meditations over 30 or so years, 4 which taught me something totally new about what I am. Every single one was interrupted by a person, midstream, so I’m left with many questions I didn’t get answers to. Additionally, at one point, I was meditating about 6 hrs a day, and basically not wanting to return to the physical world. My teacher told me not to meditate so much (which he just knew - I didn’t tell him). I had no intention of cutting back, even though I pondered the wisdom of ignoring advice from someone I trusted very much; but, then, circumstances arose, every single day, which interrupted me after about an hour, for months. So, sometimes it’s a block, sometimes, it’s for our own good. Hard to tell.

Your not alone in that… It happens to a lot of people even if they aren’t aware of it… I do a lot of energy healing and strengthening on my body… It seems sometimes the stronger you get, the worse it gets…

some spirits try to distract me aswell from my learning and doing magick. I remve them with lbrph

If you meet the Buddha on the road…

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These sound like parasites to me. Parasites are entities which feed off your energy. By giving them attention, you are giving them energy. Petrucelly writes about them in his Book of Soul Retrieval. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited and has some rits for dealing with them. Maybe pick it up.

Until then, don’t truck with them. Banish them. Curse them. Hurt them. They are not trying to help you.

LBRP or Star Ruby them away.

It’s difficult no doubt, but Jezebellemoon is right. Remember these are beings that have existed for millenia with a constant consciousness. So think of it as a somewhat parent child relationship, no matter the situation. As a child we don’t always understand what our parents are trying to teach us because we are still too young to understand it, and sometimes, parents don’t fully understand what their kid needs either. I know first hand how frustrating and disturbing it can be being seemingly tormented by something bigger than you…But they want you to be big too, they just aren’t going to handfeed you every little thing because that won’t achieve that goal. As far as the possibility of it being a person goes, some people just need a picture, which is easilly attainable these days, some people want to teach and some are just jerks, same kind of thing but people tend to bemore petty than spirits :stuck_out_tongue:

Great advice :japanese_ogre:

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