Another world

Has anyone found a world that may be able to handle humanity?

Define “handle humanity”.

As in it can tolerate our actions as a race, and the by products of those actions. Perhaps even benefit from our existence. Other animal species on this planet play a role in the environment just by existing. We don’t. We as a species actually imbalance the environment of this world and need to make active choices to reduce this imbalance and undo the damage other humans cause. We can stay on this planet and try and change our whole civilization. Or if possible, there may be a place where our presence may prove as beneficial to the environment as various species are.

I find people and humanity wonderful. The Planet is magical. Its a pitty that we can’t travel normally to the realms of the demons. I would do every day visits to my beloved rulers of the Qliphoth. Sitra Achra Gloria.

What is the realm of demons like?

In my writing, I portray it as a place of rebirth.