Another weird occurance

So I once again made an attempt to contact Bune through meditating on a candle. And like the last time, in the middle of the night, I hear screaming puppies and coyotes in the field next to me. I’m going to lay off evocation for a while and just focus on meditation. I think I’m letting a parasite entity in.

Why would that cause you to stop? If anything take it as a sign. Every time I work with Bune I almost always, always hear a dog either during or immediately after the ritual going wild, or see large wild dogs in dreams.
If you fear it’s another entity just banish before and after the workings and always use the sigil. I noticed the rate of impostor spirits tend to be much lower when you use both the sigil and the enn

What the fuck? The other night I did a spell to draw more customers to me, a money spell and shortly after I heard a pack of coyotes howling like crazy in the field behind our house. I didn’t evoke any spirits or call upon Bune, but isn’t it strange that I did money magic which Bune is well known for and suddenly hear coyotes too?

Both of your replies are very interesting. I’m going to have chew on this a bit.

Did you find out from your neighbopur whether their dogs were hurt the first time you heard something like this?

The thing is, there are things animals do that sound different to what’s actually occurring - male cats fighting over a female will make the most godawful shrieking sounds but they’re usually unscathed, or maybe get a few scratches round the ears that need a bit of first aid.

Foxes in London and the surrounding area also make terrible noises but that’s just them doing their thing… so I think you need to find out what’s going on here, in the real world, before you can try to attach any significance to what you’re hearing.

Animals associate with some entities.
In my place, a rural one, when someone dies (especially old magicians) an animal(they say it’s a bird) goes around to everyone who have strong connections with the dead person. The major purpose of this being is to deliver the message.
From what I’ve heard many times, the sound of this being is a loud cry full of sorrow and burden.

I don’t know my neighbors. I live a few acres away and would feel weird about asking them. But I agree, there may be a mundane answer.

Today, around 12pm, the wild coyoties were going ape shit again. I think it is just a mundane thing go on around here.

That’s the thing with omens is sometimes there’s something supernatural, and sometimes it’s just a coincidence.

During February, March, there is always ravens gathering near me. Every year, for 5 years straight. But these are important months in my spiritual path, too. The biggest spiritual events, for me, happened in these two specific months. Plus, these two months is also birthdays for me and my spiritual wives.

I hear coyotes all the time. But, that’s because, you know, they live out here…

reality is, you sparked a belief that it is happening, doubted it, if you ignored it, so definitely it isn’t happening, didn’t and will not happen.

Yeah, in my case what I heard was actually coyotes because we live in a rural area surrounded by mountains and woods but usually the coyotes are quiet and now that I think about it, they don’t normally tend to be noisy except for the on the days when I am doing something magickal. I will have to start writing that into my journal so at some point in the future, I can see if the coyotes only howl when I am doing a specific type of magick.
The last time I did some spells during the middle of the night, I remember them howling that time as well and I don’t remember what type of spell I was doing but I think it was also money based.