*ANOTHER UPDATE* Please help me, my living situation sucks

Im not looking to mooch off other people’s magic, im going to be doing my own magic but i was looking to see if anybody can help in a sort of way. Whether it be sending some helpful energy, giving some magical advice, etc.

As the title says, my living situation sucks. I live with my parents and we are heavily broke. Its hard to keep food on the table. We are wanting to move closer to family a state away but are having difficulty trying to find a good house to be in while people are instantly getting interested in our current place. My dad works hard yet his job sucks. The truck he used for work broke down to hell pretty much. He has been having to drive my car since november, that was recently given to me (my first car) and has to drive nearly 100 miles a day. So i have no form of transportation and the car is starting to have problems too. If it becomes unuseable my dad can’t work. Ive tried getting a job and no one will take me. Some days we end up having to try to stretch as little as $200 to use for the week.

I just want things to get better. Im sick and tired of the bunch of shitty luck we have been having. Its got me depressed.


ask the spirits to remove your jseals and blockages. do money spells or call spirits to aid you in getting money


Maybe Duke Bathin could help you with a smooth moving from one living place to another in general (I know, I know. But lets adjust some dusty old book texts to modern problems, because spirits WILL come with modern solutions)

Duchess Bune could kick up your money situation. Money won’t rain down from the sky but she can assist with making bargains and not paying the full price for stuff (like getting that car fixed, for example) and she is also great with business situations (I see “not having a job but wanting one” as business). Maybe she and Bathin could pair up with finding a new house to a reasonable price. That would be my personal approach.


You don’t need to pick. You can do everything Oddnan said, but in your place I would start trying to get a job. In the end, is the only thing that would help you avoid even more issues.


That is A LOT of money just towards gas. Is there anyway your father could work closer? Its amazing that you guys made that sustainable.

Do you have friends? You could get in somewhere through a good reference with one of them. Even if it is a min wage job, some money is better than no money. You could try to be a Server somewhere, and use energy manipulation to rake in the tips (like I do).

If you put in applications, be confident about it. Smile, and try to be approachable. Put on a good aura. You could infuse your applications with energy, much like you would when you charge a candle for a simple candle spell. When you shake people’s hands or introduce yourself, project confident energy then. Infuse them with thoughts that they DO want to hire you. Use your personal power, your body language and your energy, to skew how people perceive you.

If you can’t find a job the old fashioned way, there is always the internet. Learn a craft, and sell online. I make money by writing fiction, along with my part time job, while in school.


This needs more ellaboration, Ryce.


My dad has a job thats close, but far at the same time. He puts in flooring, so the place that assigns him the work is close by. But they keep giving him stuff thats far and other employees closer things. Even though he said he cant do that so often. Plus he has his limits with the things he can bring to work now, because my car is small. The only friend ive got lives 4 hours away. Really shes never had a job either. Ive tried putting in applications to places, and went in person to a record shop i go to a lot. The people there know me but didnt take me due to being fully staffed. I do music and art, ive considered before doing something with that for money but have been kinda lost on that

I literally sell self-published books online through Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, etc. and am in many many self-published author groups? Building an audience, and working on the holy trinity of self-published books -title, blurb, cover- is key to long term success?

Basically whatever you decide to do, you need to go balls to the wall and really dive into it. Currently I am making just about what I make at my part time job, if not sometimes a little more with each successive release.


Yeah, I get it. Thanks for the answer.

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Haha xD

I was a bit lost on how to elaborate. Sorry if I sounded kind of jerkish :stuck_out_tongue:

So he is being assigned work that other employees wont be willing to do? The bosses know he needs the work or else he wont have money? It sounds like he is being taken advantage of. You should do some work on your father, and the situation he is in.

You could try to make an opening >.>

There are other places to work too. Not just places that ‘you’d love to work at’. Have you tried anywhere else? Have you followed up with your applications? If it has been a no, from the other places, have you asked why and tried to get some critiques?

Keep on applying everywhere you can. Do some work with King Piamon. The forum is full of stories of him getting people jobs, even if it they are not the most glamorous jobs. Money is money.

Indeed (dot) com is a great place, and there are a lot of responsive employers there.


Nah, I just thought it was another mean, something more non-USA-citizen friendly jajaja. No problem, man.

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The boss tends to see my dad as the best worker in the business. Even though the pay sucks. So he ends up getting sent far away because apparently the boss doesnt want to send sucky workers out that way. I guess.

Ive tried other places for myself than just jobs that i would want. And nobody ever answers back to me. Ive done the applications online though. But i never get a reply email saying that they will take me or not. So yeah ive never asked why. I will definitley keep trying to work toward getting a job by the magical and mundane means

Oh boy there are platforms xD but nothing is as big as Amazon :frowning: Its how the company gets away with the crap that they do haha Anyway!

Keep it up @Deathcrush

If you lose hope, then it is over before it has even began.

If you submit applications online, wait about a week or two and then call the place if you don’t hear back. Inquire about the status of your application. It will show that you are proactive and actually care about getting the job.


Do uncross, just look u phone lady fortune, or justice in u dad case, sometimes look in her picture and ask for help may help. Or offer a all soda candy, in her honor,

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I would second the uncrossing and combine it with @Oddman’s suggestion. Removing the string of bad luck in order to give room for the spirits to work


You have no control over this directly, but if your dad’s boss values him so highly, he should be paying for your dad’s gas, at least. It sounds like you live in a small town or city…sometimes employers in those places are notorious for not doing what they should and taking advantage.

I would take the magickal advice of people here, but also use it to set your intentions and gain strength to do what you need to do, and get some clarity. You also sound like you may be very young, and maybe not able yet to get a place with a friend on your own. You’re surrounded by negative energy not of your making, which is not to fault your parents, who are doing the best they can. It’s just a lot of chaos and negativity that you may not have control of, yet. Trust me, your parents feel this, too. They don’t like it any more than you do. They want better for all of you.

If it’s too overwhelming to call on a specific entity in the proper way, maybe start with a grounding, strengthening meditation for a few minutes in the morning. Say you need strength and clarity, you’ll get it. You’ll find a way to use it. And continue putting in applications and make absolutely sure to follow up. Don’t worry about what kind of job it is, as long as it’s steady and pays. It’s not forever. During your meditation, set your intention, and you will find the strength and energy to make it happen.

Work on finding a job every single day, make it your job until you get one. You will. And you will feel so much better with just that.

I know it is dispiriting to be where you are, I’ve been there, too. It hurts, it’s confusing, it’s physically and mentally draining. You will find a way out. Develop and nurture your spiritual connections, every day, and you will receive opportunities where you didn’t see them before. But know you must act on them. Remember, as above, so below.

I’m sad to see what you’re going through. I am certain you are very young and this feels like too much for you. It isn’t. You will prevail, you have to. You have the spirit world waiting to strengthen and enlighten you, and things here in the mundane you haven’t seen yet.

Sending you great energy and love, keep us posted on how things go.


You need to bite the bullet and try getting some money together for a reliable vehicle. Toyota or Honda whatever , Ford or Chevy pickup that’s 20 years old and beat to hell if you need the utility. Don’t buy a dodge truck, Atleast not one that old.

Once you get a reliable vehicle if you live in a big New England city or big western city talk to your local trade union halls about an apprienticeship. Ibew being your first choice. If the union isn’t strong and busy where you live drive to every electrical shop and ask if they’re hiring material handlers or helpers.

Most union shops start at a couple of bucks under 20$/hr for a apprentice or helper. Non union about 15$.

Don’t stick with a non union program if you can help it. You’ll top out at a lot less and won’t get a health package.


Are you handy? You might be able to find work doing odd jobs. It wouldn’t be regular but could bring in a few bucks now and then until a job comes up. In the winter I shovel driveways of the elderly in my neighborhood, clean up after storms…etc. just an example. Could also try a temp agency. If you have public transit in your area, use that when you can to save on gas & wear and tear on the car.


Thanks so much (to you and everybody posting here) i really do appreciate it. Its true, i am young. Im turning 20 in april. Really all my life me and my family have been broke but at this time its gotten the worst. My mom stresses like hell shes thhe one paying the bills and she always worries to death on how it can get done at all. My dad? He tries to hold it back but i can tell how much the weight of the world is on him. Its like whenever something affects them i can feel it too. Its definitley been feeling like its beyond too much. But i keep trying to remind myself that it isnt. Im definitley going to be following with the many suggestions ive been getting in hopes of making things a bit easier. :heart:


Best of luck to you and your family. As for magick, I swear by the lucky flame candle in rituals involving finances. Its affordable and it smells like a shamrock shake :slight_smile: