Another topic of interest

Hi Asbjorn. Your previous video about my spirit world question was so helpful, I thought maybe you would consider addressing the following one, too, when you get the chance. I think that all black magicians believe that magick can be used to bring about massive change in the world around us. But even E.A. says that we have to be realistic and work within the context of our personal reality. For example, he says that one of the reasons he waited so long to do rituals-for-hire was that people were asking for ridiculous things like bringing back a dead spouse, etc. To paraphrase another example he gave, “If you have been caught red handed slaughtering your whole family, you are probably going to do some time.” So my question is this: What do you personally do to determine whether a goal you have is realistic or unrealistic? Thanks so much for your time.


Next Heathen Podcast ill hit on this for you


Hi. I have listened to your last couple videos but have not heard you address this issue yet. But it could be that I was not listening carefully enough or may have walked away or been distracted with something. Thanks. I like all of your videos a lot.

I totally spaced on this apologies. I will hit on this in my next recording.

No problem. And thanks. I intuitively connect with 75-80% of your approach. I will be buying one of your books soon (the one you mentioned on your last video).