Another Thread About Past Lives

Hello there everyone!

I have been doing some magic,recently,and involving myself in various projects,which is why I haven’t been posting nearly as much.However,I would like to share some experiences with my past lives,and a recent thread by DARRIN,commenting that this forum was getting to effeminate,has recently lead me to make the decision to make it even more feminine.

I evoked an entity,who acts as the diary or recording device of our Universe,and asked it to reveal to me the nature of my godform(because there’s some confusion with that),and on what I was.I was not disappointed by the explanation,but I was also delivered very personal knowledge on my own past lives.

For starters,in almost every past life that I have had,I was a priest,a philosopher,a magician,or a scientist,in some degree or another.Which means that I have a very strong basic ground.

The particular past life that had been reaching out to me in that evocation,that I then began to experience a memory from,involved a speakeasy,where I was the singer,in the 1920s.More specifically,I was a flapper,and people were praising me for my singing.I thanked them and went to buy a bottle of absinthe,not to drink but to go.

I took the absinthe and walked around New York City,until I came to a small hostel,or inn,or whatever,and climbed up the stairs,to my room.There,I took all of my make-up off,in front of the mirror,and I pulled out a piece of chalk and some candles.I drew an inverted pentagram,within a circle,drank the absinthe,turned off the lights and lit the candles,while chanting something.

But that’s not where it gets interesting,because sometime after that,I began having dreams,where I was a little girl.As in,I was an eight-year-old girl,in those dreams.What surprised me in those experiences,though,wasn’t how weird it was but how COMFORTABLE I was as an eight-year-old girl.

I know that I am not transgender,and I can’t possibly imagine myself as a woman,but for some reason it felt natural to be that particular eight-year-old girl.When performing an evocation of my own Godform,that same girl appeared before me,as the materialization of my Godself.

I asked about the girl,and apparently,that girl was a past life of mine that was reaching out to me.In the 1970s,I was a little girl,somewhere in England’s countryside(I actually know the exact name of the place,but I’d rather not reveal it),and I was playing(before you ask,this DOES fit into the gnosis that all of my past lives were magicians,scientists,philosophers or priests since this girl was highly clairvoyant and in games would often perform magic),and I drowned in a river.My parents never found my body.

That life,appears to have been the last life that I went through before incarnating into my current form.I am saddened,deeply,by the potential of that little girl going to such waste,but I also felt saddened at her fate.Apparently,because I have been doing psychopomp work,she wanted me to escort her into the afterlife.

I went there,and pulled her spirit out of the waters,where it was stuck repeating that memory,and I infused her with Divine Love.She ended up hugging me,as though she recognized me,and it was a really heartwarming experience,talking to her,and all that.

I opened the portal for her to pass,and she said she wanted to communicate with me more.And IMO,she has at least something important to tell me,as she is a past life of mine,that has been reaching out to me.

So,tell me,have you guys had any strange experiences with your past lives?If so what were you,where were you,when were you?


it was during a mental projection or 3… i forced my conciousness into the kabalic realm of yesod. i expected my astral body but there was something else there in it’s place. it looked sort of human, but there was no face, only burnt flesh, it was so gross and broken i mistook it for a demon trying to subvert me somehow. so i locked it in a glass case and started doing unethical experiments on it. that was a bad choice…but it all worked out in the end. that thing that had taken my place wanted my energy i knew not what for, but when he broke free i found my answer. my name in that life was Abu Sedik i was a captain in an ottoman empire infantry division. me and my whole regiment were utterly destroyed by British artillery… that’s why i was so torn up, in that life i was literally blown to bits. my self needed the energy of this life to reconstitute a body and go on to the other side completely. i showed myself only fear, i know now it was due to how i died, but at the time i felt the fear and the pain of dying again so i misunderstood it.

then theres my experience with the demon uramihky. (urrr-a-mikey) uramihky is a most useful demon because he can show you ALL of your past incarnations VERY clearly. he owes his allegiance to the arch-Demon Abbadon. you will know your name, where you lived, when in time you lived… there is one drawback to this demon’s power, you can only see scenes of your life that happened just before you died. i don’t see it as that much of a drawback though, because after the first visions of the past you may begin to have random scenes of your past lives play out before you at random times. its not the demon’s power anymore its you, because you had that door to the past opened ,so to speak, and it remains open.

i mention this because in one of the lives i was shown something happened that the demon uramihky had not experienced before. i interacted with the demon. or i should say, my past self turned around and waged his finger at us and the vision was over. (no no)
first of all i was impressed with myself. then i was curious “what wasn’t i supposed to see?” then i was angry “why the fuck would i do that to myself!?” then i had a moment of clarity and remembered when and where that incarnation was and just WHO i was.
according to the vision i was a priest in the great temple of Atlantis in the first age. (yes the FIRST AGE) if you know anything about Atlantis (which I’m assuming you don’t) then you should know that the priests were all magicians of the HIGHEST order. the fact that i was able to see nothing of this life does not surprise me. (i’ve seen things since then and its all very hard to take in… let alone understand) the level of the Atlantian priests has only been achieved by a SMALL number of people throughout history. some of those have claimed to have been priests of the great temple themselves.
(st. Germain anyone?)

then there are my first incarnations…the first 2 were gods and there names can be found in the history books… that’s all im gonna say