Another Strange Dream

I’m starting to get a lot of weird dreams if you couldn’t tell already and this one was one of them. Here’s how this dream went:
I was at this building area with other people. The building was white but old and rundown looking. A man came up to us with an amulet in his hand. It was made from either topaz or citrine or a similar gem with a silver ring around it and it was kind of small. Perhaps about two or three times the size of a quarter. He put his hand up, putting it into the sunlight, making the rays shine through the gem. He told the people to recite this prayer with him and when they were done they turned into vampires but suddenly all burned in the sun, screaming. They didn’t burst into flames, they just burned into ash and broke apart. It really scared me and made me panic. I was crying and screaming and I remember seeing someone that was my lover become nothing but floating ashes as well. It was horrible. But that’s what they wanted for some reason. They didn’t want that kind of life, so they chose to die instantly once they became what they thought was a monster. Then it was my groups turn but we didn’t die. We were okay with the lifestyle and decided to live as so. We were protected from the sun as soon as we were done with the prayer, heading indoors quickly. I was turned into a vampire and lived on freely.

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Your vision indicates that you turning to the lhp will be acceded to. And as you indicate non-believers in the Craft can be destroyed with there own beliefs which aren’t yours.

Enhancing control on anger yellow topaz provides calmness the yellow topaz stone or crystal could be your birth stone. Yellow topaz is known to be ruled by the heavenly body Sun which provides it with powers to heal its wearers. Topaz is the birthstone for the month of November and December.