Another rejection 😕

What a disappointment. It’s like she was all about riding this and calling herself my girl, which I didn’t ask for, wanting to help out with my kids the whole nine yards. Then I made the mistake of sharing the fact that my spiritual beliefs are unconventional and get ghosted. People must like Halloween because getting a lot of ghosts lately. Then I asked her, are you still interested? She says, “I’m sorry, it’s the pagaen thing, I just can’t deal with it” Well first off maybe I can’t deal with the fact that you don’t have the third grade education to spell pagan correctly, or the fact that you are beyond the weight limit that I usually find acceptable as well as the level of attraction I find acceptable but none the less I accepted you because I’m not shallow and I’m a decent guy. She wasn’t complaining about my spiritual beliefs when she needed to cum I’ll tell you that much! She wasn’t complaining about my ripped physique. Oh no the fact that I believe something different than you is what does it…
Now in a world of supposed tolerance I find it amusing that I’m expected to tolerate everyone else when something’s basic as religious freedom is a deal breaker for some. Well I’m not losing out on this one. If you are too much of an idiot to know that in almost every regard you will not find anyone even coming close to the level of qualification I have then you are too stupid for me. With everything else you were so stoked to be with someone who has everything I have then you decide my feelings on the divine aspects of our universe is too much for you, oh well. Go be with half the man I am so long as he’s Christian I don’t need you. I will do better guaranteed.

Any of you have similar experience with dating?


Wow, sounds like a close minded individual. Such a shame that things that actually help you get viewed as so much worse.


Sorry you had to experience that. Fortunately I never had to deal with it…although I never really talked about my beliefs with previous partners for the most part.

Now I’m married and my husband isn’t into spiritual stuff… but for the most part respects what I do and doesn’t give me any problem.

But it’s hard dating when you are into spiritual things like this… everyone is so wrapped in Christianity. The problem there is that our beliefs don’t tell us to hate them… but their beliefs tell them to hate us.


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The fact is that most people are mostly retarded and lacking the ability to see anything beyond the rock they live under :man_facepalming:t5:


I do, with both dating and friends, even family, since I come from a very devout Christian culture. However I learned long ago to not really tell people anything about your beliefs because it only creates conflict, especially early on, and I had much better experience with people gradually finding out, than say, telling them when they ask.

I also think you should try and hook up with a woman from this site. I know people like to pretend that that’s shitty, but people fall in love with people they meet online all the time. My brother married a woman he met online in fact.

The upside will be that you’ll know that she’s into what you are, the downside will be that there won’t be instant gratification. You might even need to settle for a long distance relationship with somebody.


I’m sorry for you. Don’t worry I’m the queen of rejection too. Once a guy just blocked me because of my believes so…
Maybe you should just hide it or try to find others practitioner… I don’t know what else to say… it sucks people judge because they are ignorants.



Yeah I get what you mean, its been even worse for me, my tolerance got mistaken for weakness many times, I didnt take care of people back then, but if someone pisses me off enough now, I may curse them, did it to a girl back a bit when she acted like a total B with me. Thinking of cursing 3 other peeps.


That’s why I don’t date. It’s so hard in South GA at that to find someone into what I do. And then if they are into it. They are intimidated by me and who I am and that I can be powerful in my own right seems to burst their male ego.

The last dude I dated from here I scared the shit out of :joy:

So unfortunately for me it’s been awhile a long while.

I’m not gonna stop being me though. If they can’t handle me … Well fuck em then.

One day my Prince will come. :sparkling_heart: :metal:


So if you are named Astarte, your prince’s name must be…Lucifer! :smiley:


But you was kinda harsh there my man. You have to remember they are still sheep. They haven’t woken up and realized they are so much more. You can’t really know what was going in her mind.

Family and even friends can make the dating scene so hard for people. And if you don’t have the strength to pull away from it, it controls you.

I remember when all I ever wanted was my mom’s approval. To actually have done something right in my mom and my step dads eyes. But then I woke up and knew that was never gonna happen. Even through all the abuse all I wanted was acceptance.

So I doubt it’s her true feelings but fear that caused her to react. Fear her family and friends wouldn’t be accepting or would turn on her.

While we as black magicians have the strength, courage and general fuck all y’all attitude to not go with the herd. The majority do not.

I’m not angry with any of them. I was there. But I fought and kicked and screamed and finally broke my chains.
If being alone is the price for it then oh well.

But I still hold that I can be loved too and in a happy relationship. One day. :slight_smile:


The Prince of Darkness :black_heart:


Been there. I tried dating someone who wasn’t of the mystical inclination ONCE when I was at my lowest point in my life and it was an utter catastrophe which ended in me getting used and thrown to the side. For people like us, all of us, magick and spirits are a major part of our lives, and i found it best to let that cat out of the bag from Day One. If they don’t accept it or are skeptical, then it’s best to not waste eachothers time and keep moving on.


Have you tried dating Wiccans, I see a lot of them looking for guys into the craft.

Honestly the right girl will come along and it sounds like you really didnt even like her, just tolerated her so you wouldn’t be alone.


I was just at a pagan meet up last night. I don’t date a normie anymore. Not worth the trouble, honestly.

Try Facebook to find local pagan meet up, and type in your city and events into Google.

Best of luck.


Yup, you are not alone in that experience. People just have a deep rooted fear of what they know nothing about. I no longer hide it at all, and usually bring it up early on in new relationships because I don’t wish to waste my time or theirs.
At this point in my mid forties, I would not even entertain dating someone who isn’t into the occult practices, because it is part of daily practice for me. I don’t want to have to constantly explain myself.


It could always be worse. My wife of 18 years has recently been telling me that she thinks the occult is stupid. Try not letting that effect your practice. :unamused:


When I said here I mean south Georgia. . Here NOT the forum. Just so everyone knows.

DK and I might not be together but I have nothing bad to say about him. And I would certainly hope he feels the same.

I still consider him very special and close to my heart. So I just want to make that clear.


One thing is clear.
That person will never reach the level of self love and self value you have for yourself, christian or not.
To your new liberated you! Cheers!


I guess every situation is different but in my experience, i find some christian women tend to have an affinity for the dark side.
A lot of them simply hope you “repent” someday while living their fantasy of fucking a demon as they moan for forgiveness.
I call it the Lilith effect…