Another post for Belial

I’ve been working with Belial since January.
It’s been quite a journey yet.
I’ve since self initiated through Thagirion & Satariel in March … & I’ve been having quite strange dreams . Haha … but most have to do with becoming aware of my surroundings in a tough situation.

Now the other night Beelzebub aspect of Belial possessed my boyfriend . It was a test . For the Qliphoth. At the end right before he left his body . He said “you passed” . I practically broke down in tears because I realized fully what was going on. & I was so grateful .

He came back tonight tho. Tonight felt more like Belial than Beelzebub. However I’ve heard they are apparently aspects of one another . I’m not exactly sure . But tonight it was belial for sure . Even Hekate agreed . I think they are forming a bond . It was only a partial possession tonight. But still. So interesting.

My boyfriend is fairly new to all this . As he was raised christian . I’m trying to guide him & also protect him . Turns out they may have something I never would have predicted. Or maybe I did.
At times belial would take over his voice.

I’m curious to see how this plays out .


hope everything turns out well for you

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Thank you . Appreciate it

All the best :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: this is amazing.

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