Another introduction

Hello everyone, priam18 here signing in…

So where to start:

A few years ago I had what I can only describe as an intense spiritual awakening.

I’m not going to go into details of what happened but between seeing the physical manifestation of different spirits, calling down a hailstorm in broad daylight in the Midwest, and having dreams that would blow away anyone’s sense of reality, I got clued in that there’s more to existence and reality than what I thought I knew. Something, I believe God, wanted me to pay attention to another force of life and I believe that force is magick.

Since then, I’ve started a quest of discovering how God wants me to fit in this whole magick thing and how to use the gifts He has given me. I can’t say I have full control or understanding of what I can do, but I am learning to trust and believe in Him more and have seen many miracles happen in my life. The most recent has been landing not one, but two, of my dream jobs after praying/creating a sigil.

I strongly believe there is a purpose for me having this gift and am eager to learn from those that have walked similar paths as me.

Thanks! Looking forward to this ride.

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Welcome to the forum.