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Hi everyone. Im still a newbie but i probably learned a lot here. I suck at doing anything consistently and thats probably why i still have no success with magick. My current goals are soul travel,astral senses,evocation,invocation,thought form creation,and bringing anything all the way into the physical plane. I believe magick can turn something astral into something physical. Im not sure what meditation i should do first.

Welcome @ZombieDemon9000

Where are you from?

What do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you work in any specific system or tradition?

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Im from America. I guess i practice random visualization and inconsistent meditation. Specifically im interested in Koetting’s meditation to enter Theta Gamma Sync. I believe it works by removing all thoughts from the mind and eventually that leads to Theta Gamma Sync. I can barely slow down my thoughts with that but i still have not managed to keep it empty for longer than maybe a minute. I never entered a trance state like Theta Gamma Sync.

I been trying for years now. Since probably late 2015 or 2016 i been learning and trying magick but until recently i couldn’t even begin to do a basic meditation. Oh but it seems i can make a weak chi ball or psi ball although not with visualization.

I don’t currently work with or even know of a specific tradition or system.

I know about petition spells but i don’t have any good times to cast petition spells. Also probably not any way to dispose of the paper used for petition spells. I wish i was mentally strong enough to cast spells in my mind with just imagination.

You cannot remove all thought from the mind. This is a common misconception about meditation. The goal of meditation is control and focus, not complete cessation of thinking. For magicians and sorcerers, one pointed concentration on a candle flame, image, sound, or a simple dot on the wall, is probably far more useful.

The Theta/Gamma Sync is a deep trance state. It can be reached by a wide variety of methods, the most common being a hypnotic induction, which generally involves a countdown and the sensation of moving downward, such as visualizing an elevator, or climbing down a ladder. Type “trancework” into the forum’s search bar, and click on the first option that comes up for a tutorial on trance.

You simply burn them, and then flush the ashes down the toilet or cast them to the wind.

You don’t have five minutes to yourself to write a letter? I find that highly doubtful.


Actually yes i guess i do sometimes have time for that. Sorry im kinda stupid sometimes. Also after writing it do i need to read it out loud before burning and or flushing it?

This is probably a stupid question that you already answered here but how does staying focused on a single point or my breathing help me as a magician? Yes i will search TranceWork.

Yes. Write it, read it aloud three times, and then burn it and flush the ashes. The goal is to release the desire to the universe, and this is usually done by fire, which is one of the major gateways to the spiritual world.

If for some reason you can’t burn your petition, another option is to tuck it away somewhere so you can forget about it.

Simple. To perform magick requires the ability to keep an image in the mind while in trance. Nothing ruins a good ritual more than being in the middle of calling down the darkest forces, vibrating words of power to shake the heavens…and then suddenly wondering what you’re going to have for supper.


Okay you said control and focus is the goal of meditation. I guess a stronger focus makes it easier to manipulate astral energy and manifest things?

Ah i see. Thanks.

Yes. Basically, the act of visualization is using the imagination to imprint the astral currents with an image in order to eventually manifest that image into the material world. The stronger the ability to maintain the image, the stronger the imprint.

In many spiritual traditions, manifestation is believed to be a four-fold process involving the four divisions of the self. We each have a spiritual self, a mental self, an emotional self, and a physical self, which equate with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes, and these four selves must be in agreement with each other in order to manifest what we want. One of the reasons we aren’t all going around manifesting millions of dollars into our bank account, and the boy/girl/anteater of our dreams into our bed, is that some part of us doesn’t agree that we can.


Interesting. Im surprised doubt can be so powerful when it comes to stopping magical results. I kinda thought we only had an astral body and a physical body. The astral being the spiritual form of our consciousness not separate from mental or emotional.

I might return to this tomorrow but for tonight i got to go. Its been nice talking to you and i think your trance work tutorial will bring me quick success.

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Think of using ACOG when aiming with a rifle. So, yes.


Welcome to the forum @ZombieDemon9000 :wave:

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I have returned.

@DarkestKnight I can’t seem to decide what my first meditation should be even with the Search option. With my seemingly short attention span for meditation,what might be easy enough for me to do? Yes i tried following the instructions from your trancework tutorial but i guess i was too tired because i couldn’t stay focused for a minute and fell asleep before beginning. I would just keep trying it during the day but as unlikely as it sounds,day time is almost always too busy. Day time i have to keep track of time always with something needing done but at night i would just keep falling asleep whenever i try to meditate or enter trance.