Another Dream of this creature

Last night I had another dream of this creature.
This is gonna be along story:
First my father said there is somebody out there and I was looking at a creature with a bright white robe. The face was not possible to be seen, neiter hands nor legs. Somehow I knew it was calling to me and i carefully approached them. There laid some kind of wood statue on the grass and I picked it up. When I had done this the creature came faster and closer to me. Then the scene and envirenment changed immediatly.

I was in a forest that I know good know and the creature was meters from me away. A body laid before her and I looked closely but can’t recognize the person. They pulled the robe from the head and there was nothing but a wrapped up face. Again nothing but facination and not fear overtook me but then they beheaded themself and took the head of the body underneath them. They put it on the top of the body and I fled from them but the scene changed again.
I was in a river and the creature hugged me from behind trying to survive from the water. With all of my power i swam towards the land and was exausted. The creature which face was changed laughed at me and then throw the head in the river. They embraced me and spoke soft to me and then I woke up refreshed.

I have no idea whats going on but I hope you can help me with this dream please!

Help you with what exactly? interpret the dream? Sometimes or most times dreams are just that, dreams. At least from what I’ve got from here. I think unless you are doing any magick or workings with entities it may just be a dream. If every dream have meaning I would wanna know wtf all of my crazy dreams mean lol