Another chapter has appeared in my life now

Just recently I had the most interesting experiences Iv had for some time. Though it’s still early, very early for me to really say and tell I just thought to do an update.

I know I have said I was turning to a different path but plans changed. I was going to start and I did but then a thought a very very very challenging thought came to my mind. “I need to heal this thing between me and the angels.”

Even if it means that they would or would not respond or come. But I wanted to get over that hump that has been plaguing my mind and really growth. So here is where it gets interesting.

Arch Angel Michael came as well as Raphael. They started to heal me which was not expecting. I explained everything and messages was given to me over the course of time that opened my eyes and mind to a different way of thinking.

So this is where it becomes interesting. I was talking to Arch Angel Michael about my path and how I didn’t know what to do. I was torn and confused. I could tell he was reading my heart because that’s when he did something I was not expecting of him. He took a step back.

I could tell he wanted me to work with him but I then got a feeling he was directing me to a path that I belonged on. That I need to be on. That’s when Lucifer came back. Arch Angel Michael basically led me back to him. I never in a billion years think that was going to happen.

There is a lot still going through my mind that I need to sort but just thought to share this.


That’s really beautiful. :heart:

I think we all co create our best reality when we work together, and not just step up, but know when to selflessly step aside for a being with energy more fitting for the work in hand to come forward. We’re all equal just different. :smiley:


Very true and really I know now those that came and attacked were not “real angels” in the sense of like Michael is or Gabriel is.

There is still some things that I’m still trying to figure out and some experiences Iv had that I’m still trying to understand. But with this new found information I am continuing forward with Lucifer with a slightly new prospective of things.

It truly goes to show how deep not just traumas could be but also things such as cultural or religious doctrines that you grew up with and was basically forced or pressured into could truly be.

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